Dr Oz: Aromatherapy & Classical Music Commuting Stress Reduction


Dr Oz Undercover: How Stressful is Commuting?

Dr Oz said that Commuting is the one thing in life that stresses him out the most, more than the operating room or doing his TV show. He had someone from his team ride along with him to work and track how his vital statistics were affected by the stress. Learn how classical music or aromatherapy could help.

As he changed lanes, his breathing got faster, and his heart rate went up as he went through the Lincoln Tunnel. Later, when he found out he could not turn where he wanted to, his temperature increased, a telltale sign of stress. Later, he got trapped in a construction zone and ended up late for a conference call.


Dr Oz Truth Tube Commuting Stress

Dr Oz: Aromatherapy & Classical Music Commuting Stress Reduction

Commuting can be the most frustrating part of your day, which can take a toll on your stress level and health. Get the natural remedies even Dr Oz needs!

I can’t tell whether he was acting, but he definitely seemed bothered by what was going on. Dr Oz was back in the studio to explain how the body responds to stress, thanks to hormones from our adrenal glands, which increase our heart rate, breathing, and even dilated pupils, leading to panic and the Fight or Flight response.

Dr Oz stepped into the Truth Tube to reveal how his stats changed throughout the course of his travels in a day.

  • Blood Pressure: 127/83 (was 117/69)
  • Heart Rate: 88 BPM (was 55 BPM)
  • Respiratory Rate 14 (was 8)

These types of factors are an indicator of how the commute affects health, especially when it comes to chronic disease. Dr Oz enlisted Nicole from his medical team for some advice on how to counteract these stressful car rides.

Dr Oz: Classical Music Stress Reduction

Classical Music has been proven to decrease anxiety, make you more relaxed, and lower your blood pressure. Dr Oz told Nicole that he could probably listen to that in the morning.

Dr Oz: Peppermint Oil Relaxation Remedy

Nicole also recommended aromatherapy using Peppermint Oil. Apply it to the temples, or use a real mint scent as a car air freshener (no synthetic ingredients!). Do you think one of these tips could make your commute less frustrating?


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