Dr Oz: Add Flavor to Fast Food | Raspberries & Yogurt for Constipation


Dr. Oz: Daymon Patterson in the Truth Tube

Dr. Oz made Daymon Patterson step over to the truth tube to talk about what kind of health risks Patterson is running eating so much unhealthy food. Patterson weighed in at 394 pounds and said he was scared by that number. Dr. Oz said he should be because his weight puts him in the super obese category. Being this heavy can bring on a myriad of complications with the heart, the lungs, the immune system and many other essential parts of the body.

Patterson’s blood pressure was also abnormal. His blood pressure read 164 over 96, which is far over the average, healthy blood pressure of 115 over 75. Dr. Oz told Patterson high blood pressure is the number one cause of aging.


Dr Oz: Add Flavor to Fast Food | Raspberries & Yogurt for Constipation

Dr. Oz shows Daymon Patterson some tips to add flavor to fast food when going through the drive-thru.

Dr. Oz told Patterson he wants him to get healthy for his family and he wants him to inspire other people to do the same thing.

Dr. Oz: Add Flavor To Fast Food

Dr. Oz offered Patterson some great drive-thru tips.


Eat whatever you want to eat, but start with a salad or a soup. This will help to fill your stomach with healthier foods before you move onto the main course.

Use flavor enhancers. Dr. Oz recommended using Sriracha because it will help add flavor to fast food, cut down/keep salt levels the same and it will help to fill you up.

Chew for 10. Dr. Oz recommended using the chew for 10 rule, which is a rule calling for the person to eat slower. Take time in between bites of find to help the food digest. Eating slower will help you eat less food and savor the taste in your mouth longer.

Before Daymon Patterson left the show, he made sure to give Dr. Oz his seal of approval, telling the doctor he was super official.

Dr. Oz: Raspberries & Yogurt for Constipation

Dr. Oz received an email from a women saying she was terribly constipated at the end of each week and she had no idea why. She said she eats a lot of yogurt and is on her feet for 10 to 12 hours a day, yet she usually only uses the bathroom once every other day.

Dr. Oz told her to try eating raspberries every day. He said a cup raspberries has 8 grams of fiber and will help to relieve her constipation.


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