Dr Oz: 3 Step Plan to Boost Energy & Omega-3 Probiotic Improves Mood


Dr Oz: Three Step Plan To Boost Energy, Heal the Body

With spring either here or quickly approaching where you live, Dr. Oz knows everyone is going to want an energy boost for the new season. Keep reading to get Dr. Oz’s three step plan to help you release, renew and revive while healing your body and boosting your energy.

Dr. Eva Selhub told Dr. Oz winter fatigue is an actual condition because we “hibernate” our bodies by eating “winter” foods, taking “winter” medications and having less exposure to sunlight, thus lowering the amount of vitamin D our bodies absorb. She said many people oftentimes feel fatigued when spring hits but she had a three “R” plan to get your energy back for the season. 


Dr Oz: 3 Step Plan to Boost Energy & Omega-3 Probiotic Improves Mood

Dr. Oz went over his three step plan for getting your energy back after winter & three natural products, like omega-3 probiotics, to replace winter medications.

Release – Release the foods, the clutter and the medicines keeping you down.

Renew – Think natural, as in what are the natural mechanisms your body needs to heal and thrive?


Revive – Spring is about rebirth for the body.

Dr Oz: Release Comfort Foods To Boost Energy For Spring

Dr. Selhub said the number one thing draining your energy is comfort food. She said the comfort foods you ate all winter are loaded with fats and carbohydrates because that is what the body craves when it feels down. These types of foods give an immediate boost to your serotonin levels. But at the end of the winter months your energy comes crashing down making you feel moody and wanting more unhealthy comfort foods to bring those serotonin levels back up.

This is the first step in the three step plan. You need to release those comfort foods from your diet and eat more of the foods listed below.

  • Grass-fed and additive-free proteins
  • Green, purple and red produce
  • Eat 4 to 5 small meals per day
  • Eat 1 to 2 fruits per day
  • Choose carbs wisely – Dr. Selhub does not believe in diets. She said they send a message to the brain that you are being deprived of food and this stress can cause serotonin levels to drop, this leading to binge eating. She advised choosing your carbohydrates wisely and indulging in some comfort foods from time to time.

Dr Oz: Omega-3 Probiotic Review

Dr. Eva Selhub said the cold and flu medications you took during the winter months certainly work to relieve those symptoms but they can also cause new symptoms to arise. She said this is why it is important to release those medications from your medicine cabinet as you head into spring so the body’s natural mechanism can heal.

If you are still feeling sick, Dr. Selhub recommended trying some of the products below.

  • Saline Spray – A natural anti-inflammatory spray to clear out nasal passages. 
  • Quercetin Nasal Spray – Another natural sinus spray with anti-inflammaorty and antioxidant benefits.
  • Omega-3 Probiotic – This product helps improve mood as well as improving your digestion and gut health.


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