Dr Oz 1 mg Melatonin Dosage & How Much Melatonin is Dangerous


Dr. Oz: Melatonin Overdose

Dr. Breus asked April if he could look at her melatonin bottle to see just how much she has been taking each night. And it was not what she thought she was taking. April was taking up to three pills each night, each of the pills being three milligrams each, which is nine times the the amount you should be taking.

Dr. Breus said the normal amount a person should take each night is one milligram. Many of the audience members who had taken the hormone had not realized they were taking far too much, some of the audience even raising their hands when Dr. Oz asked if anyone has taken more then nine milligrams before.


How Much Melatonin is Dangerous?

Dr Oz 1 mg Melatonin Dosage & How Much Melatonin is Dangerous

Dr. Oz and Dr. Breus discuss the recommended 1 mg melatonin dosage and who can safely take melatonin without interfering with their sleep cycles.

April said she couldn’t believe she was taking that much and also said she thought since the hormone was something natural, she couldn’t take too much. Many of the audience members said they were upset stores would sell the pill in dosages that were far too high.

Dr. Oz: Melatonin and Lisa

Lisa, another audience member who had been taking melatonin for three years, said she would normally take three milligrams to go to bed, but is she was having a hard time falling asleep she would take up to five milligrams. Lisa said she was taking the melatonin because she thought it was safe and natural. She kept taking the melatonin even if she felt bad the next day, thinking it would work better the next night.


Dr. Oz: 1 mg Melatonin Dosage

Dr. Breus said people should not be taking a hormone without seeing their doctor because it can be very dangerous to their bodies.

But he did say melatonin can be used by some people. Dr. Breus said melatonin can be used when you are experiencing jet lag or when you are working third shift, because it will make your body think it is night time during the day and day time at night. He also explained that elderly people, who often make less melatonin due to age, could use very small doses to help them get to sleep.

Dr. Breus’ advice for people still considering taking melatonin was to take .5 to 1 milligram each night, take the hormone one and a half hours before heading to bed and never take it for more than two weeks at a time.


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