Dr Oz: Mother’s Little Helper Diet Pill Dangers


Dr Oz: Mother’s Little Helper Pills

For decades, America has been on the hunt for a magic pill that can change everything. From our weight to our waistline, as well as our energy level, we want the quick fix that will help us reach our goals.

But shortcuts always have consequences, and the same is true for a controversial new diet pill that’s sweeping the nation. On his March 22 2012 show, Dr. Oz is looking at this new pill and talking to the moms who use it every day.


Dr Oz: Mother's Little Helper Diet Pills

Dr Oz will address moms who are taking popular diet pills about the side effects.

Mother’s Little Helper: Dangerous Diet Craze Sweeping America

The moms coming up on Dr. Oz’s talk show say that the pill they’re taking is the key to maintaining their busy schedules and lifestyles. Some of them can’t imagine life without it, and it’s taking hold as a habit forming substance in cities and towns across America.

Plus, the show is calling it an underground craze. What is this mystery drug? We will find out on the March 22 2012 edition of The Doctor Oz Show. I’ve always thought that if you have to resort to unconventional means of obtaining something, you probably know on some level that it’s not completely legitimate.


But the drug trade has been flourishing in America for decades, and the struggles and missteps of Prohibition are proof that people will always find a way to get the things that they crave and desire, whether or not they are illegal.

Doctor Oz: Mother’s Little Helper Side Effects

As the old saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are many reasons why you want to pay attention to what you put into your body. In fact, that’s what Dr. Oz talks about a lot of the time.

So it’s hard for me to sympathize with the people who haven’t considered the side effects and consequences of taking health shortcuts. The information is available, and if you’re going out of your way to obtain something like this, wouldn’t you at least want to know what it could do to your body?

The March 22 2012 Dr Oz Show will give answers to these busy moms, and maybe they will think twice about their pill habit.


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