Dr Oz: Medium Vs Medicine & Life After Death with Char Margolis


Dr Oz: Psychic Char Margolis

What happens after you die? This is an age old question, and there are many different answers floating around out there. Many people have firmly rooted beliefs about this topic, and sometimes it can be hard to stretch your mind beyond its comfortable boundaries.

But that’s what Dr. Oz and his audience will attempt to do on his March 23 2012 show. His guest will be Char Margolis, a psychic who claims that she is in touch with the spirits of people who have died.


Read about Char Margolis on The Doctors.

Dr Oz March 23 2012

Do you believe psychics can communicate with the dead? Dr Oz investigates on March 23 2012.

She will even put her powers to the test by performing readings on members of the audience. This seems like one of those talk show tropes that just won’t die. I suspect it was happening as far back as the ‘70s, and it continues to pop back up every few years in some form or another.


There was even a psychic talk show about a decade ago, hosted by medium John Edward.

Dr Oz: Char Margolis – Do You Believe in Psychics?

Psychics are a big business in America and around the world. Most of us would love to have the extra advantage of insight into the future or information not available to everyone else around us. When it seems like that advice is coming from someone we love who has passed on, it carries emotional weight and resonance.

Also, don’t you want to believe that your loved ones are still a part of the universe, even if they have left their bodies behind? I think people are often open and receptive to these ideas because they want to get back in touch with someone they have lost and are grieving for.

Dr Oz: Medium Vs Medicine

But when it comes to psychics and the afterlife, there are many proven cases of fraud, and many more skeptics, especially among members of the medical community. On his March 23 2012 show, Dr. Oz will present the medical case against psychics.

Whatever you believe, you might gain a new perspective on this topic. Even if you have your mind made up, it’s always good to know other points of view and understand where people are coming from.


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