The Good Life Dr Oz Magazine Debut + Dance It Out Cardio Party Review


Dr Oz: Christmas Dance Party

Do you eat more than you are supposed to at a big holiday meal? Most of us probably do, and that’s why Dr Oz teamed up with Billy Blanks Jr. to create a Holiday Dance Party to get everyone moving after dinner and dance it out. Plus, Dr Oz announced his brand new magazine, The Good Life, coming in 2014.

Dr Oz: Dance It Out Cardio Party Review

The Good Life Dr Oz Magazine Debut + Dance It Out Cardio Party Review

Dr Oz is launching a new magazine to deal with the topics you care most about, such as health and happiness. The Good Life is coming in February 2014. (s_bukley /


Billy Blanks Jr. and his wife, Sharon, are the stars of a new DVD, Dance It Out Cardio Party. Billy said that many people put off their workouts until January, because they know they are not going to eat well.

But Billy said the better idea is to find ways to keep moving, even if you are not eating your best, so that you will have an easier time getting back in shape once the holiday celebrations are over. Sharon explained that dance can bring people together, and one dance tends to lead to another.

Dr Oz Holiday Dance Party

  • You can Lose Your Christmas Goose by pushing your arms up and down, side to side, over your heads. Get your arms above your heart!
  • For the Butter Cookie Bounce, bounce a few steps from side to side.
  • Do the Stuffing Stroll by waddling up and back, moving your arms up and down, then side to side.
  • Crush the Gingerbread by incorporating a jump. Do two steps in every direction, and do some high kicks to get your legs moving. If you have bad knees, just do the steps and kick low to the ground, without jumping.

Dr Oz: “Happy Oz-idays” Jingle

Sharon and Billy Jr. also wrote an original holiday jingle called “Happy Oz-idays,” which played in the background as everyone danced, but you couldn’t really make out the lyrics over their exercise instructions. The point is just to get moving and keep your body feeling good at any time of year.


Dr Oz: The Good Life Magazine Debut

Doctor Oz concluded this show with a big announcement. He has been working hard behind the scenes on a new magazine called The Good Life. It is about living life to the fullest, finding time for the ones you care about, and taking care of your body and health. It is also about embracing challenges.

Look for fresh ideas from Dr Oz’s magazine, The Good Life, which can be found on newsstands starting in February 2014. It should give you a deeper look at what is covered on the show, and he even took some audience suggestions about what to cover on the show.


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