#OzStep: Standing Health Benefits & Stand Up for One Extra Hour


Dr Oz: Take a Step

Dr Oz is on a quest, Bringing Healthy Back. There are a lot of reasons not to get started on your health and wellness goals. But Dr Oz said it all starts with something simple: take a step. He also shared another simple tip: Stand Up.

Dr Oz: Stairway To Health

Dr Oz shared a video of himself taking steps all over the place, from coast to coast, in the subway, at the stadium, and all over the country. Are you ready to take a step toward better health?


#OzStep: Standing Health Benefits & Stand Up for One Extra Hour

Dr Oz shared his Take a Step campaign and the new hashtag #OzStep. He offered several benefits you can get if you just Stand Up more often during the day. (onixxino / Shutterstock.com)

People are choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, meditating, and eating fewer meals at restaurants. They are drinking more water, quitting smoking, and setting pedometer goals.

Do you have something you want to do to get healthy this year? Dr Oz is sharing simple steps you can try on his website each day. You can participate on social media by sharing pictures with the hashtag #OzStep.


Dr Oz: Stand Up for Health

How can you put yourself at the top of your to do list? Tanish said that she feels she lost control as a single parent of two who is going to school and has a full schedule. Starting something new can be overwhelming, but Dr Oz said that he had a tip that could make an impact.

His free and simple solution was intriguing to the audience. But it was pretty basic: Stand Up. Why is this so important?

Dr Oz: Standing Health Benefits

Most people sit for eight to 12 hours per day. That means we’re spending most of our lives on our backs or our butts, which is not what our bodies were designed for. That’s why standing up can be a great first step toward change. What are some reasons why you should stand more often?

  • Standing stabilizes blood glucose, getting your body back in action after a meal.
  • Standing burns fat, which is something most people always want to do.
  • Standing eases back pain, because proper posture evenly distributes your weight.
  • Standing burns calories. One hour of standing could burn 50 calories. One hour a day could equal five pounds per year.
  • Standing helps you live longer. Studies show that it reduces your chances of heart disease and cancer.

Dr Oz: Stand Up for One Extra Hour

Dr Oz’s prescription was to stand for one extra hour per day. Break up your daily routine and try to avoid sitting for more than one hour at a time. How can you get this time in?

Stand while on the phone, doing your makeup, or watching commercials. Stand in meetings, or take a break from sitting at your desk and take a quick walk around the office.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you once an hour to get up and move around. Remember to share your photos on social media with the #OzStep hashtag. You might end up on TV.


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