Dr Oz: Water Bands & Spice Swish Metabolism Boosters


Dr Oz: Active Metabolism Boosters

As we get older, the body’s metabolism naturally begins to slow down. But there is something you can do about this. Dr Oz suggested Metabolism Boosting Drinks, Supplements & Snacks. Next he turned his attention to the physical ways we can help the body and kick our metabolism up to the next level.

He talked to Stacy in the audience, who admitted that she only drinks one or two glasses of water each day. I bet Stacy is like a lot of us; even though we always hear how good water is for the body, we don’t always listen.


Dr Oz: Water Bands

Maybe you don’t drink enough water because you keep forgetting about it as you go through the day. Remember the old timey trick of tying a string around your finger as a reminder?

Now there’s a new concept that helps you achieve the same goal when it comes to getting enough water. The idea is called Water Bands, and the way it works is simple. You slip five rubber bands on your wrist in the morning. Then, each time you finish a 16 oz glass of water, you remove one band.

The water helps raise your metabolic rate almost immediately. By the end of the day, you will have gotten your recommended allowance of water. Doing this routinely could help you lose an additional five pounds per year, just by drinking water.


Dr Oz: Office Workout

Simply fidgeting at your desk or doing easy stretches at work can help you lose several pounds over a year.

Dr Oz: Spice Swish Gargle

Another strategy you can try is gargling a mix of spices that are designed to help fire up the metabolism. Just mix equal parts Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon in water. Gargle this concoction and spit it out. This crafty combo is engineered to stimulate the body’s nerve receptors and get the metabolism going.

Dr Oz: Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

Do you want to get the benefits of working out without schlepping to the gym each day? You can get some health benefits of exercise even while sitting at your desk. Allow yourself to fidget, squirm, and make other little movements as you go about your day. This can help you burn an extra 100 calories. You won’t even notice you’re doing it if you multitask by watching TV or talking on the phone. This could lead to a loss of 10 pounds per year.

Read more about NEAT Health Benefits.

Dr Oz: Power Up Snacks Emergency Stash

Keep some healthy snacks on hand to give yourself a boost whenever you need it. Spicy Wasabi Peas are a great idea, and their fiber content fills you up. Cocoa Nibs can also be a great way to satisfy those chocolate cravings and give the metabolism a jolt.

Dr Oz: Super Power Stretch

Finally, Dr Oz showed off the Super Power Stretch, a quick way to get yourself going. Start standing with your legs together. Then squat as if you’re sitting. Twist your left elbow to touch the right knee, and hold the position for 20 seconds. Then switch to the other side, with your right elbow on left knee, for another 20 seconds.

This exercise is supposed to improve circulation and digestion. See which one of these metabolism tricks is right for you.


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