Dr Oz: Trust Wall, Yoga Flow & Baggage Eliminating Activities


Dr Oz: Yoga Flow

The women continue their activities in order to help them release their baggage. Included in today’s activities were the Yoga Flow and the Group Lecture with Author, Valorie Burton.

For the Yoga Flow, the women were to sit and tap in and see how it felt to be in their own bodies. For a calming effect, they had to slowly breathe in and out. Doctor Oz says yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand because it helped clear the mind, and many women agreed. Another woman said she could actually see the relaxing effect it had on her. One woman said it helped her center herself and to bring back positive energy. The yoga instructed said that these tools were important because they were helpful with focusing on how to live and be present.


Group Lecture with Valorie Burton

Dr Oz: Trust Wall, Yoga Flow & Baggage Eliminating Activities

Dr Oz had 50 women perform team-building exercises at the Miraval Spa and Resort to help overcome their emotional baggage.

Valorie Burton suggested looking at your emotional baggage to see how you are being held back from your purpose. She wanted the women to picture the possibilities and use mistakes as a learning tool. She wanted them to raise their personal bar and open their minds to new thoughts.

One-on-One Pilates Reformer Training

Some of the women had never done pilates before but they wanted to get healthy and control their lives so they tried it. One woman stated it felt as though she were meant to be there. Another woman told Dr Oz that she had to do this in order to get healthy. She was doing this for herself and her family.


Emotional Baggage: Breath Walking Class

The instructor told the women that breath walking causes you to create a soothing breathing pattern. The women had to take a breath with their stride and stay in rhythm. As they walked, they could chant a few mantras, which helped them to relax even more. Stephanie, one walker, became emotional when she explained to Dr Oz that she was worried about not being sober for her kids. (This is the woman who drank wine when she was stressed.) Stephanie said she wanted to learn how to drink only in celebration as opposed to drinking when stressed out.

Dr Oz: Low Ropes Course – Trust Wall

This activity required all the women to work together. Dr Oz said that the team wall was a metaphor for a way to accomplish your goals. They all help one another over the wall and most were successful. Many of the women were emotional as they climbed, but were so proud and excited they made it.

One heavier woman’s goal was to lose weight because she couldn’t interact with her son like she wanted to. She was very nervous climbing the wall because she didn’t feel strong. The women tried to help her up the wall, but she was clearly distressed. Finally, she gave up, stating she couldn’t breathe. She came down the wall to a round of applause, but because she was so out of breath, the producers called the paramedics.


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