Dr Oz: Strengthen & Tone Your Abs With Yoga Moves


Dr Oz: Flat Belly Yoga

Dr Oz shared that while yoga is known for its relaxation and flexibility benefits, it is also a full-body workout that can strengthen and tighten your abs, giving you the stomach of your dreams. Gwen Lawrence, a fitness expert, shared that arguably every move you do in yoga targets the abs. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a beginner, you can start doing yoga now to strengthen your core.

Dr Oz: Ab Strengthening Yoga Move

Dr Oz: Strengthen & Tone Your Abs With Yoga Moves

Dr Oz tried a few yoga moves out for himself to see how well they can tone and tighten your tummy. (jeanwichinoski / flickr)


Dr Oz welcomed six volunteers from the audience to do some simple moves to strengthen your abs. Gwen started with an elbow-to-knee plie move, starting in the chair position. Keep your back flat and straight, while bending at the knees and raising your arms straight up over your head. Bring your hands behind your head and then bend over tocuhing your elbow to your knee, before bending over and doing the same on the other side.

Gwen said she doesn’t like to count reps, and instead goes by time, so she suggested doing the exercise for 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on your fitness level. That move will help trim your waist.

Dr Oz: Abdominal Yoga Exercise

Next, Gwen instructed lying flat on your back with a yoga block in between your thighs. Then lift your legs straight up toward the ceiling, while keeping them straight and “raise the roof with your legs.” Flex your feet and slowly lift your legs straight up, like you’re trying to get your hips off the ground. This was a great move for your lower abs and inner thighs.


Dr Oz: Exercise For Strong Abs

Then, sit in a seated position with the block still between your legs and this time focus on the entire front of the stomach. Lean back and keep your lower legs parallel to the floor, with your arms holding the back of your knees. Then let go of your legs and straighten your legs out while you hold that position. Gwen said it’s okay if you shake a bit, and if it’s too easy for you, try putting your arms in different positions.

Dr Oz: Forearm Plank

The last move was a forearm plank, where you get down on your hands and knees, and then lower down to your forearms and toes, making a flat board shape with your entire body. Your elbows should be underneath your shoulders and you can bring your lower arms together to make sure they’re shoulder-width apart. Just hold that position and you will feel a deep burn in your belly.

Gwen is the author of Body Sculpting with Yoga.


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