Dr Oz: Spot Reducing Myth + Eat Before Workout To Burn Fat


Dr Oz: Targeting Certain Body Parts

Dr Oz wanted to help separate fact from fiction regarding fitness. He welcomed celebrity fitness trainer Kathy Kaehler, on behalf of Dr Oz’s sponsorship partner, Usana Health Sciences. Kathy said people think that they don’t have time to exercise but the truth is, everyone has time because it’s cumulative. Just doing a little bit at a time throughout the day still counts at the end of the day.

Dr Oz: Spot Reducing Myth + Eat Before Workout To Burn Fat

Dr Oz shared the truth about fitness, burning fat, and sweating, to make sure you’re on the right track to staying healthy. ([email protected] / flickr)


Dr Oz then asked if it was fact or fiction that you can lose weight in the specific area that you want to. The truth is that it’s fiction, because there’s no such thing as spot reducing. To lose fat, you need a combination of cardio and strength training.

Kathy suggested an old-fashioned basic exercise: the jumping jack. She said it’s one of the best exercises because it involves a lot of the large muscles like the hamstrings, glutes, quads, upper body, and core. If you don’t want to do a full jumping jack, stepping out to the side and aggressively raising your arms above your head can get a similar result. She explained that it’s important to keep the knees out over the toes to prevent injury.

Try doing it for just a minute 4-5 times a day to get your heart rate up. It’s that simple!


Dr Oz: More Sweat Equals More Work?

Next, Donna shared on Facebook that she heard “the more you sweat, the more you burn.” Is that fact or fiction? It’s fiction! Kathy explained that sweating isn’t an indicator of how hard you’re working. Sweating is just your body cooling off. Heart rate is what determines how hard you’re working.

Dr Oz: Eating Before A Workout + Usana Colada Shake

Next, Michelle in the audience said she heard that if she eats a little bit before she works out, she’ll burn more fat. Dr Oz said it’s a fact because you’re like a car that needs gas. If you work out on an empty stomach it can cause problems because you’ll burn off both calories and muscle. Eat 30 minutes before a workout.

Kathy said her go-to pre-workout meal is a shake. Sh calls it “Kathy’s Colada” and she makes it by combining water, coconut milk, Usana Nutrimeal Free, coconut extract, strawberries, crushed ice, and pineapple. It’s a great shake to drink before a workout and it’s full of fiber and protein. It has no soy, fructose, or gluten, which means it’s a clean drink that you can make fast. Plus, it tastes great!

What’s your go-to pre-workout snack?


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