Dr Oz: Shaun T Workout: Double Diamond & Wonder Woman Exercise Moves


Dr Oz: Shaun T Miracle Workout

Dr Oz is helping you get in shape without hitting the gym, thanks to Shaun T, who created the Insanity Workout DVDs that have sold millions of copies. Shaun T also shared his miracle plan to help you target problem body areas or go after a total body workout in as little as 15 minutes each day. The exercises he shared include the Double Diamond, Stance Jacks, Wonder Woman, and Hit The Floor.

Max Interval Training: Shaun T

Shaun T Workout: Insanity DVD Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared the Shaun T Workout moves that have helped three women lose over 200 pounds at home with his Insanity Workout.


The key to Shaun’s plan is something called Max Interval Training. To do this, you push yourself for three minutes, followed by a 30-second break; then repeat. This plan make take a little bit longer for your to get your workout in, but I know after three minutes I’m probably ready for a breather too. The advantage of Interval Training is that you’re still burning calories even during your rest periods.

Dr Oz: Insanity Workout DVD Results

From the audience, Rebecca, Tamera, Paula, and some other women joined Shaun T to help him demonstrate some of the moves. The three women mentioned by name lost a combined 256 pounds by doing Shaun’s workouts at home.

Rebecca lost 113 pounds, because she felt more comfortable working out at home instead of at the gym in front of the perfect bodies. She said that Shaun’s routines are easy to follow.


Shaun T Workout: Double Diamond

The first thing to keep in mind about Shaun’s plan is his warnings to go at your own pace, and don’t be afraid to modify the moves if you aren’t up to them or can’t do some of the required positions or jumps.

The Double Diamond was Shaun’s first exercise. Here is how you can do it yourself:

  • Squat, getting your butt close to the floor.
  • Spring up on your feet, jumping in the air.
  • Try to control and soften your landing to avoid knee damage.

The modification mentioned for this exercise is as simple as skipping the jump. Either way, you’re working your abs and legs with this exercise.

Shaun T Workout: Stance Jacks

For the next move, called Stance Jacks, here’s what to do:

  • Squat down.
  • Using your right arm, tap your left side.
  • Repeat and switch arms.

This move works your butt and oblique muscles.

Shaun T Workout: Wonder Woman Exercise

Shaun’s next exercise is the Wonder Woman, and it’s targeting your arms, legs, and obliques.

  • Step side to side, running in place.
  • Clench your bicep muscles and push forward.

Shaun T Workout: Hit The Floor

Are you ready for Shaun’s last featured exercise? It’s called Hit The Floor, and it targets your legs and butt.

  • Tighten the core muscles.
  • Hit the floor with your hands.
  • Jump up, then touch the floor.
  • Repeat.


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