Dr Oz: Shaun T Five Exercises to Burn Fat & Insanity Workout Results


Dr Oz: Shaun T 5 Week Workout Plan

Dr. Oz said a lot of women have been emailing him asking him how to slim down their bellies, get rid of back fat, melt away the arm fat and firm their behinds so he brought on the creator of the Insanity Workout, Shaun T. He already went over his 5 week diet plan and next he showed Dr. Oz how to do five different exercises to keep your body trim and fit.

The basis of all the exercises below is using the tilt, tuck and tighten. To perform the three T’s tilt your shoulders forward, tuck your hips in and tighten your stomach mucles. Remember to do that with all the exercises below.


Dr Oz: Shaun T Five Exercises to Burn Fat & Insanity Workout Results

Dr. Oz and Shaun T went over his 15 minute workout to go with his five week diet and he met a woman who lost over 100 pounds using Shaun T’s Insanity Plan.

  • Pump It Up – This exercise helps firm the butt. Simply move to your right with one foot and then close the gap with your left food…kind of like the Electric Slide. And remember to tilt, tuck and tighten at the same time.
  • Kick It – This exercise is for arm fat. Just kick your legs out in front of you to about chest height and punch forward at the same time while also tightening your triceps.
  • The Freak – This exercise is for the thighs. It’s the same as the Pump It Up but instead of taking one step to the left or right, take four steps.
  • Bust It- This exercise is for the abs. Punch your arms towards the ground behind you and then shoot them back up towards your face where you should pretend you are grabbing a ball.
  • Heel Toe – This one will burn some back fat. Put weight on either heel and lean forward with your other foot like a lunge.

Do all these exercises numerous times for 15 minutes every day and Shaun T said you should see results after only a few weeks.

Dr Oz: Eat Before 3 P.M. To Lose More Weight

Shaun T told Dr. Oz’s audience the best time to eat 60 percent of the food you will eat in one day is before 3 p.m. Dr. Oz said a recent study in Spain proved this by allowing 100 people to eat the same things everyday but half of them ate 60 percent of the food before 3 p.m. The results? The people who ate before 3 p.m. lost more weight.


Dr Oz: Insanity Workout Results

Dr. Oz had a little surprise for Shaun T. He brought out Angel, a woman who lost 117 pounds using Shaun T’s Insanity Workout and she wanted to say thank you to him for saving her life and making her feel wonderful and healthy again.

She told Dr. Oz the workout helped her change her eating habits, it helped her get fit and it taught her she doesn’t want to go back to what she was in the past.

Dr Oz: How To Burn the Most Calories

Dr. Oz had a viewer showdown with two women as he asked them three questions about what activity they could do to burn more calories. See if you can get the right answer.

  • Does watching TV in bed for one hour or sleeping one extra hour burn more calories? – Watching TV burns about 90 calories.
  • Does having intercourse for 15 minutes or arguing for 30 minutes burn more calories? – Dr. Oz said arguing can burn more calories.
  • Does watching a funny movie or a horror movie burn more calories? – Dr. Oz said the suspense in a scary movie will burn more calories.