Dr Oz: QI Gong Meditation & Pole Climbing for Emotional Energy


Dr. Oz: QI Gong Meditation

To continue on with their exercises to conquer emotional baggage, the women performed QI Gong Meditation. This is a soothing exercise that incorporates breathing. As you’re exhaling, you’re releasing everything. As you release, you need to realize to take care of yourself and to stop worrying about what’s going on around you. (That sounds great on paper but…)

Dr Oz: Pole Climbing

Dr. Oz: QI Gong Meditation & Pole Climbing for Emotional Energy

Dr Oz says QI Gong Meditation and Pole Climbing are team-building activities to help you conquer your emotional baggage.


This exercise was one of the harder ones. Most of the women were afraid to do it, especially one participant named Pam. At first, Pam stated she would go first, but then she kept urging Dr Oz to go first. (He didn’t want to go first either.) Pam and Dr Oz went back and forth until finally Life Coach and Author, Valorie Burton, talked Pam into going first, stating that Pam had always shrunk in the back. Now it was her time to shine. Reluctantly, Pam agreed. (You narrowly got out of that one, Doctor Oz!)

She and Dr Oz practiced the climb on the ground. You could see there was some apprehension on both parts. Eventually, Pam headed up the pole…slowly. She made it to the top but still had to stand on the tiny platform. Cautiously, she stood up. She received a round of applause from Dr Oz and the other women. “I can’t believe I did it!” She shouted from the top.

Doctor Oz: Fear of Heights

Then it was Dr Oz’s turn. (He looked more scared than Pam). He got to the top and stood next to Pam. It was truly a crowning achievement for both.


At the count of three, they triumphantly jump down. The ropes tied to them slowly lowered them to the ground. Then and there, Pam told Dr Oz that she was going to quit smoking. (Good for you, Pam!)

Dr Oz: Drum Circle Exercise

The final activity at the resort was to sit in a circle in an Indian ceremony and meditate to release all negative energy. They beat on drums to create harmony of sound—one heartbeat. Dr Oz said he was proud of the women and thanked them for sharing their stories.


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