Dr Oz: Pilates Combats Aging + Bridging & 100’s Prep Exercises


Dr Oz: Transform Your Body With Pilates

Dr Oz shared that there is something you can do right now to look and feel great as you get older: Pilates. Pilates can transform your body from head to toe and he welcomed three women who have never tried it before, but are interested. Dr Oz said he was going to bust their myths about Pilates because it’s not all that hard to get into and it’s not “just for rich people.”

Dr Oz: Pilates Combats Aging + Bridging & 100's Prep Exercises

Dr Oz shared how Pilates can help you fight aging and even keep you in great shape. He even tried a few moves for himself! (Syda Productions / Shutterstock.com)


Richie Mastascusa, a Pilates guru, explained that the price of Pilates is different now. He said there are four planes of movement the body needs to use to stay young: flexion, extension, side bending, and rotation. Pilates helps improve your flexibility, strengthen your core, and increase your range of motion. He said it gets rid of the “old feeling.”

Dr Oz: Bridging Exercise

Richie then shared his first exercise, which was Bridging. You sit down and bend your knees placing your feet flat on the ground. Place your hands on your thighs and then roll your back as you lie down. Richie said breathing is the number one principle in Pilates. Inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth as you left your hips up toward the sky. Then slowly lowly your back toward the ground “like a string of pearls,” laying down one pearl at a time.

Then you can drop your hips down halfway and pulse six times without touching the ground for a bonus move.


Dr Oz: 100’s Prep Pilates Move

The next exercise Richie had was called the 100’s Prep and it’s a great exercise for strengthening your core. As you’re laying down on your back with your knees bent, lift your arms straight up into the air and slowly lower them down to the mat, raising your head off the mat as your hands fall, almost like you’re doing a crunch. Then lift your arms back up, letting your head fall back slowly as you raise your arms, rolling your spine.

Dr Oz: Sitting Rotation Pilates Exercises

The third exercise was called the Sitting Rotation. Sit with your legs crossed and raise your arms out to the side, making a letter T. Twist your spine to the left, inhale twice quickly like you’re sniffing, and then exhale as your turn back to face forward. Then twist to the right, sniff-sniff, the exhale and back to center.

Lay one hand down flat on the ground beside you as you sit there and bring the other arm up and over your head as if you’re stretching your side. Then go to the other side, as if you’re making the letter C. Richie said it’s great for increasing your range of motion and the exercises target various body parts.

Richie said a one-hour Pilates class is perfect, but you can do 5-10 minutes worth of exercises in the morning before work.


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