Dr Oz: Nicole Winhoffer Chair Workout & Addicted To Sweat DVD


Dr Oz: Nicole Winhoffer Chair Workout

Madonna has been a pop superstar for decades, and her antics have kept her in the headlines during a stunning career. As she has entered her 40s, her toned body has turned heads, and Dr Oz said that you can have arms like hers, thanks to her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer.

It all starts with a chair, according to Nicole, who wanted to change the notion that working out is expensive and time-consuming. Winhoffer’s client list has included Stella McCartney, Rachel Weisz, and Madonna.


Dr Oz: Madonna Chair Workout

Dr Oz: Nicole Winhoffer Chair Workout & Addicted To Sweat DVD

Want to workout in a hurry at home? Nicole Winhoffer, a trainer to the stars, shared her 30-minute chair workout with Dr Oz that is harder than it looks.

Nicole Winhoffer teamed with Madonna to create a full body workout that burns fat and tones the body from anywhere that you have a chair handy. She told Dr Oz’s audience that results are a sure thing if you follow her plan.

The celebrity fitness expert said that she has a full 30-minute workout, but you can break that down to shorter segments if you are pressed for time. Audience volunteers got in on the act and practiced a few moves with Nicole and Dr Oz.


Dr Oz: Chair Workout Swivel Hips

For the first exercise, Swivel Hips, they toned the butt, hips, and quads by twisting and squatting while facing the back of the chair and using it for support.

Dr Oz: Chair Workout Plank Move

Plank may sound familiar, but Nicole’s version included kicks, which helped to engage the arms, abs, butt, and obliques. Though I am rarely impressed with his dance skills, Dr Oz is usually great at exercise routines.

Dr Oz: Bridge Up Chair Workout Exercise

In the Single-Leg Bridge Up Cross your legs at the knee and put the straight leg on the seat of the chair. Work to lift the body and make a bridge that will work on your legs and butt.

This is just a sample of Nicole’s full workout, which is available on the DVD Addicted To Sweat.

Dr Oz: Belly Button Scar & Nail Growth

Last, here are some body part facts you can save up for your next dinner party. The longest tongue is four inches long. Your nails grow an average of 3.5 mm monthly. The belly button is technically a scar, but we all have one.


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