Dr Oz: New Presidential Fitness Test & Michelle Obama’s Arm Workout


Dr Oz: Presidential Fitness Test

On today’s Dr Oz Show, he was joined by First Lady Michelle Obama to discuss her fitness routine as well as how the administration plans to make changes to combat childhood obesity. Her first announcement came when she told Doctor Oz of her plans to change the Presidential Fitness Test. (You remember how you used to bomb on those when you were a kid—or was that just me?)

Dr Oz: New Presidential Fitness Test & Michelle Obama's Arm Workout

Dr Oz spoke about the New Presidential Fitness Test for schoolkids and Michelle Obama spoke about her workout and diet to get such fabulous arms.


For the first time in 25 years, that irritating gym test is changing and there will be a brand new physical fitness test in place. This new test has been updated to the new science information that we have. It’s intended to take the intimidation level out of it and make it more individualized. (For instance, no more mile run. Yippeee!) This test will set personal individual goals and work within those goals so you improve. Parents can do this test with their children too. Michelle suggested challenging your kids because her kids loved to beat her at anything.  My question is this – who thinks that changing the “Presidential Fitness Test” is really going to make any difference at all in the health of this nation’s children?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!  I think it will take more than a “Presidential Fitness Test” to take on childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama’s Arm Exercise & Diet

There was no one simple answer. Michelle said her arms come from a combination of good diet and exercise. She does cardio and yoga. She doesn’t focus on her arms, but it’s just an overall strategy of nutrition, cardio and flexibility.

For fun, Michelle had Dr Oz take his very own Presidential Fitness Test. When she’s on the campaign trail she jumps rope for exercise. It’s fun, challenging and you can even do it with your kids. Jumping rope is something that anyone can learn.


She does a series of jumps for 2-minute intervals with a 30 second break in between. She and Dr Oz grabbed the ropes and off they went. Dr Oz tried to keep up with her, but let’s just say he was a little lacking in the jumping rope department. Nice try though!


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