Dr Oz Meditation 101: Easy Way to Meditate + Andy Puddicombe Headspace


Dr Oz: Meditation 101

Dr Oz explored the mind-body-soul connection. He said one of the best means of tapping into this is Meditation. But Oz said he is terrible at incorporating this into his daily routine. Let Andy Puddicombe from Headspace teach you how to Meditate.

Dr Oz: Meditation Health Benefits

Oz credited The Beatles with introducing Meditation to America, and then he called Martha Stewart a cool celebrity, so you be the judge. An estimated 20 million Americans practice Meditation regularly, and its proven health benefits include:


Dr Oz Meditation 101: Easy Way to Meditate + Andy Puddicombe Headspace

Dr Oz enlisted Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe to explain the simple truths about Meditation, and how doing it for just 10 minutes can help you.

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Stress
  • Lessen Chronic Pain

Doctor Oz said that his wife Lisa first taught him about Meditation. But he has trouble getting his mind to stop racing so that he can relax. That’s where he uncovered a Meditation expert to help him get a better hang of the practice.

Dr Oz: Meditation Expert Andy Puddicombe + Headspace

Andy Puddicombe quit college in his 20s and became a Buddhist monk. But he said all you need for Meditation is 10 minutes per day. “Anybody can do this,” he promised.


Puddicombe admitted that he lost a family member in his teens and felt overwhelmed and emotionally reactive as a student. In response to some of his stresses, he indulged in the excesses of college life, but nothing “hit the spot.”

Then he decided to explore the lives of monks in the Himalayas. Eventually, he started the Headspace project, which now has about one million users. Can you take 10 minutes per day to give yourself a happier, healthier mind?

Dr Oz: Easy Way To Meditate

Many in Dr Oz’s audience admitted that they have trouble meditating, and some think that it is time-consuming. Forget the stereotypes you might have in mind; Puddicombe stressed that 10 minutes a day will get the job done.

Dr Oz showed brain scans of people who do not Meditate compared to those who do so regularly. What is found is that meditation increases blood flow to critical parts of the brain, helping you to feel calm and happy.

Dr Oz: How To Meditate

How do you Meditate? Puddicombe said you can download his free Headspace app to guide you through a 10-minute meditation. You can also set a timer so you do not fall asleep or become anxious.

  1. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes.
  2. Sit upright with arms and legs uncrossed.
  3. Take a deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  4. Gently close your eyes and feel the weight of your body on your chair.
  5. Mentally scan your body, from the top of the head down, noticing how your body feels.

Dr Oz said that Meditation is a great way to explore your mind-body-soul connection, and Puddicombe is one of many great resources. His 10-minute guided video is on Doctor Oz’s official website.


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