Dr Oz: Insanity Workout Review & DVDs by Shaun T


Dr Oz: Insanity Workout By Shaun T

One of the biggest barriers for gym members is that you actually have to physically get up off the couch and go to the gym for your workouts. Maybe that’s part of the reason why at home video workout programs seem to be making a resurgence lately. Shaun T is the creator of the Insanity Workout, which has already sold over 3 million copies. But Shaun T didn’t always have the perfect body, so he can relate to the challenges that the average person faces when starting a fitness regimen. He shared his Insanity workout DVD and three rules to take back your body on Dr Oz’s show.

Shaun T Insanity Workout DVD Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz met Shaun T, creator of the Insanity Workout, which he said can help women get their wedding dress bodies back with just 15 minutes of exercise a day.


Shaun T admitted that he gained more than 50 pounds during college, and one day finally realized how out of control things were getting. That’s when he decided to merge two of his passions, dance and sports medicine, into a workout plan anyone can do in just 15 minutes a day.

Dr Oz Insanity Workout Review

Dr Oz said that his own wife has Shaun T’s Insanity Workout DVDs littered around the Oz house, which I guess is a decent endorsement, because she always seems to be in good shape. He also said that he liked Shaun’s approach, which combines nutrition and exercise into a single plan.

Shaun said that most diets don’t work, because people don’t want to commit to ongoing lifestyle changes. He said his workouts are designed for anyone, fit or not, to be able to do. He said that an average woman should be able to stick with his plan for at least a month, even doing just 15 minutes daily.


He said the important thing is to work as hard as you can and push yourself to get results. Taking the first step can be huge for people, and Shaun said he is proof that you don’t have to accept weight gain or an out of control body.

Dr Oz’s audience had brought along the skinny outfits they’d like to fit back into, from slinky lingerie to one woman’s wedding dress. Audience member Nicole’s wedding gown was a size two, but since then she’s gained 65 pounds and become a mother.

Nicole complained that she’s having trouble taking the weight off now, and she isn’t happy with the way her body looks. It’s making her depressed and frustrated, which just makes her want to hide under unflattering clothing.

Insanity Workout DVD Review: Dr Oz

Another woman, Tiffany, brought along the size 1 gown she used to fit into. She said she felt beautiful the last time she wore it, but these days her schedule is crazy and she doesn’t feel like she can fit in a workout between her work and family responsibilities.

Though Tiffany believed that her best years are behind her, Dr Oz said that doesn’t have to be true. He invited her to join Shaun onstage, and they agreed that she deserved happiness in her life. Shaun said the first step is looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are already beautiful.

Shaun T Diet Plan: Insanity Workout DVD

Your meal routine and your diet menu are the two key components of weight loss, according to Shaun. Not eating enough could be the reason you’re putting on weight. Shaun said you don’t have to starve yourself or struggle with cravings while on the path to getting your best body back.

Here are the three rules he outlined for everyone in the audience to follow on his plan.

  1. Taper carbs as you go.Eat heavy carbs in the morning to give you energy you can use all day long. Phase them out as you go through the day. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:
    • Breakfast – 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat
    • Lunch – 25% carbs, 45% protein, 30% fat
    • Dinner – 15% carbs, 55% protein, 30% fat
  2. Get two servings of Sweet Potatoes daily. Shaun said these are a great daily nutrient source that fills you up and makes you feel good. You can even make them into homemade chips or fries.
  3. Eat fresh! Shaun suggested stocking up on produce and foods that will expire within a week. Packaged foods are loaded with unhealthy preservatives, but fruits and vegetables can fuel your body and make you feel better.


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