Dr Oz: Flat Belly Workout & Acola Nut Extract Energy Boost


Doctor Oz: Flat Belly Workout

Everyone would love to have a sexy summer beach body, but it seems like a lot of work. Would you be surprised to learn that trainer Brett Goebel says you can get on the road to success in just five minutes a day? He showed off his moves and even had audience members give them a try.

Brett also discussed his Flat Belly Diet Plan with Dr Oz. Plus, get a Bedtime Dessert Recipe, Natural Sleeping Pills, and a Lavender Facial Technique.


Dr Oz: 5 Minute Workout

Brett Goebel said that a simple 5-minute workout can help you get that flat belly in no time.

Flat Belly Exercise: Balanca & Ginga

Do a figure 8 squat, then lunge and rock back and forth. Make it easier by doing shallow lunges, or go harder by picking up speed. Just one minute of this exercise is all you need to get off to a good start.

Flat Belly Exercise: Moving Plank

From your stomach, get into plank position. Move left to right, lifting your knee as you go to either side. Beginners can modify by holding still. For a more advanced move, lift your hand as you switch sides. Add one minute of this to your routine.


Flat Belly Exercise: Push Kick Sit-Up

Start in a Sit Up position. As you do the Sit Up, lift one leg and kick. Then repeat with the opposite leg. Beginners can leave their feet on the floor. The advanced move adds a Waist Twist. This is another one-minute exercise.

Flat Belly Exercise: Sit-Up Mountain Climber

From an arch position, push the legs back and forth. Make it easier by walking the legs through the move. Make it harder by adding a push up to the mix. Do this for one minute.

Flat Belly Exercise: Cardio Boxing

Begin by jumping in place. Continue jumping, moving the right leg in front of you and doing eight jabs with the right hand. Then repeat on the other side. Take it slow to make it easier, or move faster for a more difficult challenge. This is the last minute in your five-minute routine.

Doctor Oz Energy Booster: Cottage Cheese

Need some energy before or after your five minute workout? Here are some healthy snacks featured on teh show. Cottage Cheese is high in protein, but try to find a low sodium variety. It’s also a filling snack, and you can spice it up with lemon pepper or even fresh fruit. Try pairing it with Snow Peas or Carrots to get yourself an easy meal.

Dr Oz: Acola Nut Extract

Just add a couple drops of Acola Nut Extract to your water to give yourself a boost, even as you’re working out. Add lemon for flavor if you like.

Dr Oz: Fruit Kabob for Energy

Create a healthy, delicious Fruit Kabob with slices of favorite fruits, such as Banana, Apple, or Watermelon. Any combination is great, and you can freeze them for up to eight months. This is a great way to get the most out of your fruit before it goes bad.

Learn how to compliment these exercises with the Flat Belly Diet. Plus, don’t miss Dr Oz’s Bedtime Tea, a Bread Pudding Recipe, and Natural Sleep Remedies.


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