Dr Oz: Curvy Girls Dance Moves & Compression Fit Sports Bra Review


Dr Oz: Katie Boyd Curvy Girls Dance Moves

Staying in shape is most importantly about health, no matter what your shape or size. The Dr Oz Curvy Girl’s Guide has shared Jeans Reviews, Microwave Meals, Slimming Recipes and more. Finally, fitness expert Katie Boyd shared some Curvy Girls Dance Moves and accessories to help Curvy Girls get the most from a regular workout routine.

Katie Boyd has spent 18 years working to help others embrace and love their bodies. As a personal trainer, she has been criticized by her peers for not meeting their exacting standards. She loves her own curves, and she doesn’t believe you have to be thin to be in shape.


Dr Oz Curvy Girls Fitness

You can be fit, healthy and fabulous at any size with Katie Boyd's fitness tips & Dr Oz's accessories.

She even admitted that she used to starve herself to compete with other girls in beauty pageants. Now she’s proud to share what she’s learned with other girls, that you can be curvy, beautiful and healthy.

Curvy Girls Dance Moves: Booty Blast

Katie Boyd shared her Booty Blast and other moves to help girls get in shape by dancing. The Booty Blast tones the back and helps women build confidence. Stand with your feet apart in a plie stance. Then squat. You are building up to squat twice, then roll your hips twice.


Curvy Girls Dance Moves: Hip Hop Hips

Tone your hips with this hip hop dance move Katie Body teaches. Pump your hips to the left, then to the right, repeating this rhythmically. As you move your hips, move your arms in the opposite direction. Finally, bring your left knee to the right elbow, and switch to bring your right knee to the left elbow.

Curvy Girls Dance Moves: Waist Whittle

Burn belly fat with Katie Boyd’s Waist Whittle move. Stand with your feet apart. Do a cha-cha move forward, then kick back using the right foot. Repeat the move, but this time switch your feet. Cha-cha moves use the hip muscles, while kicking engages the butt and hamstrings.

Curvy Girls Dance Moves: Curvy Girl Celebration

The Curvy Girl Celebration is another of Katie’s signature moves. She explained that you move your body in a circular fashion, waving your hands in the air. (Picture the Snoopy dance from Charlie Brown.) This gets your arms and waist in on the exercises.

Dr Oz: Pre-Workout Parfait Recipe

Dr Oz weighed in with three fitness tips that can help Curvy Girls stay fit and focused. First up was his Pre-Workout Parfait, layering Greek yogurt, bananas, and walnuts. It’s a high protein snack that’s full of energy.

Dr Oz: Motion Control Running Shoes Review

Protect your feet and ankles while you’re running by investing in Motion Control Shoes. This will give you support and prevent turned ankles, also easing joint damage thanks to their shock absorbers.

Dr Oz: Compression Fit Sports Bra Review

If you enjoy jogging but don’t know how to keep your cleavage in place, try a Compression Fit Sports Bra. This should make that daily run more comfortable.


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