Dr Oz: Chris Powell Stretches & Simple Couch Exercises Vs Atrophy


Dr Oz: Back on the Exercise Bandwagon

Dr Oz quizzed his audience to see who might have relaxed too much lately and gotten off track with exercise. To help everything get back on track to being in shape, he invited Extreme Weight Loss trainer Chris Powell to help out.

Raquel told Dr Oz she has recently done a lot of traveling and enjoying food on her adventures. She enjoys exercising in a spin class, and though she has lost about 100 pounds over the last 15 years, she has stumbled in her progress recently.


Dr Oz: Muscle Atrophy

Dr Oz: Chris Powell Stretches & Simple Couch Exercises Vs Atrophy

Dr Oz and fitness trainer Chris Powell demonstrated ways you can get moving in just a few minutes, starting with stretches and three simple Couch Exercises. (PlusONE / Shutterstock.com)

Doctor Oz showed an animation to illustrate how fragile muscles can be. They are made of proteins that become thicker due to exercise. Not exercising can lead to atrophy, even within days of missing workouts.

The good news is that you can turn things around and make yourself strong again. Small steps can result in big changes, which is where Powell comes into the picture.


Dr Oz: Too Much Too Soon?

Choose To Lose author Chris Powell said that feelings of shame and guilt lead to a path of self-destruction. He admitted that everyone falls off track once in awhile, but you just have to get up and try again.

He said a big mistake people make is taking on too much, too soon. To avoid pitfalls, set attainable goals that you can build upon. Start with just five minutes a day, and understand that you should expect setbacks.

Dr Oz: Chris Powell Stretches

Chris led Dr Oz and a handful of others through some simple stretches. First, lie on your back, with your knees bent and arms to the side. Keep your feet together and turn your legs side to side, working your core muscles. Do this for about one minute.

In another stretch, get on all fours and bend forward, face down into the yoga child’s pose. Then stretch out your abs by pressing your torso up and forward.

Last was a lunge stretch. From all fours, put one foot forward. Place your hands on your side or keep them on the ground and lean in. Then switch legs and repeat.

Dr Oz: Cardio on the Stairs

Doctor Oz said that stretching will make you want to do more. Chris Powell said that it is always a good time to start cardio. There are many ways to get that in, such as taking the stairs or parking at the far end of the lot.

One option is to spend five minutes going up and down stairs, which Chris and his volunteers demonstrated in the studio.

Dr Oz: Simple Couch Exercises

How can you rebuild muscle? Chris said you can turn your couch into a gym. Practice standing up and sitting down, or what he called Sofa Squats.

Then you can bring your knees up and perform Sofa Crunches. Anything you do can start to develop muscles.

Finally, you can get behind your sofa to do Sofa Push Ups, giving your arms something to press against. Just make sure the furniture isn’t going to move out from under you!

Chris said you should start out with 10 reps and keep pushing yourself forward over time so you can continually do more and reap the health benefits.


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