Dr Oz: Bob Harper Jumpstart to Skinny Three Week Diet Plan & Workout


Dr Oz: Jumpstart To Skinny Three Week Diet Plan

Dr. Oz and Bob Harper, a Biggest Loser trainer, talked about his Jumpstart to Skinny plan which can help you lose 20 pounds in just three weeks by eating real, healthy foods that will keep you full all day long. They also shared a few easy recipes from the Jumpstart to Skinny book.

Bob Harper Jumpstart To Skinny Vegetable Snacks

Bob Harper’s Jumpstart to Skinny meal program allows women to consume 800 calories per day, but he also has some snack options for those times when you get really hungry. Harper said you can literally eat an unlimited number of vegetables every day as a snack option.


Dr. Oz: Jumpstart To Skinny Workout Moves

Dr Oz: Bob Harper Jumpstart to Skinny Three Week Diet Plan & Workout

Dr. Oz talked with Bob Harper about the snack options available on the Jumpstart to Skinny diet plan, and Harper showed the audience his workout plan.

As part of his Jumpstart to Skinny plan, Harper wants you to do 15 minutes of” jumpstart” exercises five times a week.

  • 10 Knee Tucks – Stand up straight then jump up and bring your knees up to your chest.
  • 10 Mountain Climbers – Put your hands and feet on the floor and run as if you are climbing a mountain.
  • 10 Lateral Line Jumps – Stand in place and pretend there is an imaginary line on the floor and jump side-to-side.
  • 10 Butterfly Sit-Ups – Lie on your back with your feet touching and knees dropped to the side. Bring your arms and upper body all the way up and touch your toes.

Dr Oz: Use Cocktail Shaker To Make Omelet

Dr. Oz is also inviting his fans to share unique ways to use household items, and today they showed him some unusual ways to use some kitchen gadgets.

  • Use a piece of waxed paper to push a cork back into a bottle of opened wine.
  • Use a cocktail shaker to prevent a flat omelet. Combine all the ingredients in the shaker and shake. This creates air in the omelet mixture, meaning you’ll have a fluffy omelet to eat.
  • Use a bundt cake pan to roast a chicken. Just use foil to cover the hole so no juices leak out.


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