Dr Oz Belly: Split Ab Towel Exercise & White Vinegar Skin Remedy


Am I Normal or Nuts: Belly Edition

Dr Oz’s audience loves to ask whether their health habits are Normal or Nuts. This Belly Edition of a favorite segment answered burning questions about your belly. Do you have a Permanent Pregnancy Pooch or smelly belly button?

Viewers reached out to Dr Oz’s belly hotline, complaining about stomach symptoms of various natures and intensity. One woman in the audience showed Dr Oz her belly button, which he agreed to smell. Then he forced another audience member to smell this stranger.


Dr Oz: Smelly Belly Button Bacteria

Dr Oz Belly: Split Ab Towel Exercise & White Vinegar Skin Remedy

Do you have a smelly belly button? Dr Oz shared a White Vinegar skin care remedy and demonstrated the Split Ab Towel Exercise for lingering pregnancy pooch.

After that awkwardness, Dr Oz said that a smelly belly button is actually normal. Dr Oz showed how this can happen, and what to do about it if you want to clear up the odor.

Sweat moisturizes, new skin grows and can become trapped, lint from clothing fibers can collect, and this environment is a breeding ground for bacteria.


Dr Oz: White Vinegar Skin Remedy

A smelly navel is nothing to be concerned about medically. But Dr Oz did have a remedy that could clear up the unpleasant odor. For the belly button or any other “nooks and crannies,” you can try this.

Mix equal parts water and white vinegar. Then apply to the belly button or other hard-to-clean skin areas using a Q-tip. Do this once a week to keep things under control.

Dr Oz: Permanent Pregnancy Pooch

A mother of a teenager said that people have been asking her whether she is pregnant for years. She has lost her baby weight, but she still has her baby bump. Dr Oz’s patient has a unique ailment. Can you feel a firm bulge above the Belly Button on your stomach? If so, you could have this too.

Dr Oz explained that this condition is known as Diastasis Recti, and it is a result of stretched fibers and connective tissue that were damaged during pregnancy. This can result in weak muscles, and sit-ups could be making things worse.

Dr Oz: Split Ab Towel Exercise

Doctor Oz demonstrated an exercise you can try if you have this problem. Lie flat on your back, with a towel perpendicular under your shoulders. Reach your arms to either side to bring the opposite ends of the towel together.

Keep your arms beneath your ribs and under your breasts. Bend your knees, pull your arms together, and tighten your belly button. Lift up your head, but not your shoulders.

Repeat this for 20 reps and do it three times per day to address the problem without aggravating it. Dr Oz said that staying in shape before pregnancy can help to avoid this problem from occurring.


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