Dr Oz: Bedroom Bounce, Microwave March & TV Time Workouts by Kim Lyons


Dr Oz: Kim Lyons Workout

In this episode, Kim Lyons revealed her 10-Day Weight Loss plan, featuring her Cauliflower Popcorn & Fat Flush Water Recipes. Next, she showed how you can cut the fat without hitting the gym by working out with some simple home exercises anyone can do. Check out the Bedroom Bounce, Microwave March, and TV Time routines for ideas.

Dr Oz: Bedroom Bounce & TV Time Workouts

Even couch potatoes can find 15 minutes for Dr Oz's Bedroom Bounce and TV Time Workout exercises.


You don’t have to leave the house to get fit, according to Kim Lyons. With a busy schedule, it may seem like there’s no time to fit in a workout, but you can start doing a little here and there that will slowly add up to results.

Kim showed off three of her exercise ideas that take a total of 15 minutes. She focused her exercises on cardio, flexibility and strength. Hey, 15 minutes is still better than nothing, and it doesn’t sound like an overwhelming commitment.

Bedroom Bounce Exercise: Kim Lyons

When you first wake up in the morning, roll out of bed and use it for support. Assume a plank position. Make a big downward dip, rotate, and open up your entire body. Breathe deeply as you do this, and repeat it for 10 reps; then alternate sides.


Dr Oz: Microwave March Exercise

You can do cardio in the kitchen while you’re waiting on food to cook. Use your microwave timer. Set it for 10 minutes and put your hands behind your head. Then bring your left knee up to your right elbow. Then alternate, bringing the right knee to the left elbow.

Aim for a goal of one rep per second. Kim said you could also do a modified version by alternating just arms or just legs. Try throwing in a few squats for good measure, and before you know it, you’ll have burned 10 minutes of fat and calories. Make this one your own.

Dr Oz: TV Time Workout

Get your arms and rear end in shape with the Dr Oz TV Time Workout. Kim said you can do this from your couch. Just lie face down and leave one knee on the couch for support.

Do an incline push up and try straightening your leg. This should work your arms and butt at the same time.

Will you be giving any of Kim’s home exercises a shot?


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