Dr Oz: Bed Yoga Exercises by Dr Michael Breus & Bedtime Worry Journal


Dr Oz: Sleep Strategies

Dr Oz and Dr Michael Breus tackled the chronic problem of trouble sleeping on the show. They discussed 3 Steps to Better Sleep and talked about remedies like nasal strips to help you get better quality sleep. But for some of us, the worries that set in when we close our eyes are the biggest threat of all. Check out why Dr Breus prescribes Bed Yoga and a Worry Journal to help you shut your mind down so you can shut your eyes.

One woman in the audience said she has a lot on her plate, and concerns about her special needs daughter are one of the many things that keep her up nights. Dr Breus said many people have trouble at night, because it’s often the first time they are alone with their thoughts for the day. But he has a solution to keep those thoughts from overwhelming you.


Doctor Oz: Worry Journal Sleep Remedy

Before you succumb to a night of tossing and turning with worry, grab a pen and notebook. Dr Breus said you can release those thoughts from your mind by getting them down on paper in a Worry Journal.

Dr Oz: Bed Yoga Exercises by Dr Michael Breus & Bedtime Worry Journal

Dr Oz and sleep expert Dr Michael Breus discussed bed yoga exercises you can try to get comfortable in bed and why a worry journal could quiet your mind.

Each night before you get in bed, write down the worries and thoughts that are on your mind. If you have ideas for solutions, you can scrawl those down too. But the deal is you’re not allowed to think or worry about them anymore for the rest of the night once you put them in the journal.


In the morning, you’ll have a list of things to work on that day, and the ideas you had before you went to sleep. Plus, you will hopefully be well rested and ready to tackle the day.

Dr Oz: Bed Yoga for Sleep

If you can’t get comfortable in bed at night, you’re not alone. But adjusting the temperature can only accomplish so much. That’s why Dr Breus and Dr Oz demonstrated Bed Yoga as another way you can get cozy.

Bed Yoga Exercise: The Twist

Get in bed with your feet in front of you. Cross your legs outstretched or underneath you. Reach with your right arm to your left side and gently twist your body. As you feel the tension, breath in and out to the count of three.

Bed Yoga: Figure 4 Stretch

If you have lower back pain, try the Figure 4 stretch. Cross your right leg at the knee so that your body forms a 4. Grab the back of your left thigh and raise it toward you. This will stretch your glutes and release tension in the lower back region. Once again, breathe in and out slowly.

Taking five to 10 minutes to perform these moves can make you more comfortable before you get to sleep. Dr Oz liked the idea because it doesn’t necessarily disturb your sleep partner if he or she is already in bed.

Do you think Bed Yoga and the Worry Journal are your magical sleep solutions, or will you be trying some of the other sleep remedies from this show, like Magnolia Bark?

Dr Oz: Weirdest Places To Sleep

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever fallen asleep? Dr Oz’s audience members fessed up. One of them fell asleep in a casino. A Facebook fan sent in a photo of a baby who fell asleep while being photographed. Another child falls asleep everywhere but in her bed.

Do you have an embarrassing story about falling asleep somewhere you shouldn’t? Share your story in the comments.


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