Dr Oz 4-Minute Workout: Brett Hoebel High Intensity Interval Training


Dr Oz: Fastest Way To Get Fit with Brett Hoebel

Do you have 20 seconds to spare in getting started on your fitness goals? Dr Oz teamed up with Brett Hoebel to take the audience through some moves from his practice of HIIT Training, with the Squatting Duck, Boxer Arms, Side-To-Side Slide, and March Hop workout exercises.

Dr Oz: High Intensity Interval Training

Dr Oz 4-Minute Workout: Brett Hoebel High Intensity Interval Training

Fitness expert Brett Hoebel showed Dr Oz how to do an intense, challenging four-minute workout using the principles of High Intensity Interval Training.


Brett explained that HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and this workout was inspired by the research and practices of Japanese practitioner Izumi Tabata. You can learn four basic moves that you can do in front of your couch.

Do each of the moves for 20 seconds, followed by a 10-second resting period. Then repeat it once more. This will fuel the metabolism and help you get results. Combine these moves all together for a complete workout in only four minutes per day!

Dr Oz: Squatting Duck Exercise

Squat down with hips out, and put your chest to your thigh. Then do the same thing with the other leg. This burns calories in the legs while strengthening the core. Just don’t forget to breathe.


Dr Oz: Boxer Arms Move

Put one foot in front of the other in a boxer’s stance, alternating jabs with your left and right hands. Turn your hips as you go, and bend the knees to get a little extra cardio in. Switch your feet every few seconds to work out both sides.

Dr Oz: Side-To-Side Slide Exercise

Jump from right to left, and then jump back again. Lower squats and higher jumps can make the challenge more intense.

Dr Oz: March Hop Move

Start by marching in place, and then incorporate some MMA by folding your hands together and bringing them up and down around your knees as you jog. Advance to skipping to get even better results.

Have you ever done any HIIT workouts? Would you try Brett’s moves?



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    Brett promises results in 7 days & he’s not lying! I was doing other workouts 2 1/2 months prior with no results. I did this 4 minute workout for 7 days & lost 2 inches in my waist! Thank you Brett & Dr. Oz!

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