Dr Oz: 3 Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain & Omega-3 Stop Inflammation


Dr Oz: Knees Cause the Most Pain in the Body

According to Dr. Oz, one of the most important joints in the body, and the one that most often causes pain, is the knee.

To demonstrate his point he took one brave viewer with him into the “Anatomy Lab,” a classroom full of bodies that have been donated to science, to examine one of the knees of a cadaver. As they looked at the knee Dr. Oz explained the key to healthy knees is keeping the surrounding muscles strong so they will not be under the force of your body. This is the number one reason for pain in the knee.


Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain and Strengthen Knees

Dr Oz: 3 Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain & Omega-3 Stop Inflammation

Dr. Oz shared three exercises that can prevent knee pain, explained why knee pain happens and revealed how omega-3s can lessen knee inflammation.

Dr. Oz experienced his own struggle with knee pain about 10 years ago which led him into looking at alternative treatments before he thought about surgery. In order to help others who are going through the same pain he went through, Dr. Oz was ready to share his preventative knee pain secrets so he invited his personal orthopedic therapist on the show to give him a hand.

Strengthen your Gluteus Medius muscle (on either side of your hips): To strengthen it, lay on your side, place your feet together and then open and close your knees like a clam. Dr. Oz suggested doing 15 to 20 reps before getting out of bed.


Stretch the Iliotibial Band (muscle that goes down the outside of your thigh): Brill said if this muscle becomes weak it will be tender and it will hurt when you exercise. To help strengthen it, roll a foam roller back and forth on the band.

Exercise to stretch the mid-section of your foot: To strengthen this area, stand on one foot and then create an a dome shape with the arch of your foot. Use the wall to hold yourself up but make sure there is still pressure on the foot.

Best Way to Treat Knee Inflammation – Ice and Omega-3s

Brill said the best way to treat knee pain caused by inflammation is simply by icing the area.

Another way to help with knee pain caused by inflammation is by taking an omega-3 supplement. Dr. Oz said one of the benefits of the supplement, one he does not talk about often, is the ability for the supplement to reduce inflammation, thus easing the pain in your joints.

Dr Oz: Simple Shoulder Exercise

Do you have shoulder pain instead of knee pain? Dr. Oz has a simple exercise to to keep them flexible and healthy.

  • While in a seat position, place your hands behind your neck with your elbows pointing forwards. Slowly open and close your elbows to stretch the shoulders. Dr. Oz suggested doing this for 10 reps every day for the most benefit.


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