Dr. Oz: 10-Minute Plan to Torch Fat & Strong is the New Skinny Review


Dr. Oz: 10-Minute Plan to Torch Fat

Dr. Oz had some great tips for busting fat with the 10-Minute Plan to Torch Fat, brought to him and us by health and fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen. She said that all exercise is great, but short bursts of exercise have been proven to be more effective for people than long, steady-paced workouts.

“The reality is, small wins equal big change,” she said.


Dr. Oz: 10-Minute Plan to Torch Fat & Strong is the New Skinny Review

Dr. Oz talked to Jennifer Cohen, author of Strong is the New Skinny, about her 10-Minute Fat-Torching Exercise. (MJTH / Shutterstock.com)

She said people who don’t work out all that often would be more likely to do these 10-minute exercises as well.

Dr. Oz: Strong is the New Skinny Review

Jennifer Cohen’s new book is called Strong is the New Skinny and it’s all about this philosophy of women wanting to be strong, not skinny. She says we’re in the middle of a cultural shift where women no longer want to be skinny. They want to be athletic and empowered.


“The reality is, most women really can’t be these skinny weights. But everyone can be strong and everyone can be powerful,” she said.

Dr. Oz: Torch Fat Exercises

Then it was time for Dr. Oz and Jennifer Cohen to exercise, along with six members of the audience. Jennifer led them with a few basic exercise. She started with some weights, but she said people could use water bottles instead of they wanted.

Start by getting into a plie position. Take a weight (or water bottle) in each hand at your sides, and lift them out and away from your body, and then up into the air to meet again. That’s the first exercise. It’s great for shoulders and the back. Jennifer said that you can actually look 10 pounds lighter if you have a strong back, so this is an important exercise. Do this for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The next exercise only used one weight. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, bring the weight in your left hand down to your right foot, then bring it all the way back above your head on the left side. Repeat for about 1 minute, then do the same thing on the other side.

Then there was the cross-leg push-up, which looked terrifying. Get into the push-up position and then cross one of your legs under you. Do push-ups for 30 seconds to a minute, depending on your comfort level, then repeat with the other foot. Even Dr. Oz said he needed some help with this one.

Finally, get into a tabletop position. Holding a weight in one hand, push your arm forward while pushing the opposite leg outward, then bring the leg and the hand in. Keep going for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then alternate.

Then you’re done! Do you feel energized?


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