Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Lunch Plan: Will Your Kids Eat It?


Dr Oz: Healthier School Lunches from Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama continued discussing childhood obesity and how school lunch reform was the key to getting our kids healthy.  Have you heard about the New School Lunch Plan? Dr Oz brought students to the stage to try the new lunches being offered in schools. Will they like them? Read on to find out.

Michelle Obama's Healthy School Lunch Plan: Will Your Kids Eat It?

Michelle Obama spoke about the new healthy school lunch plan. Will your kids eat it?


Dr Oz: Whole Grain Pizza Dough for Kids

Before Meal: Cheese pizza on white dough, tater tots and chocolate milk

After Meal: Cheese pizza on whole-grain dough, baked sweet potatoes and veggies. JT, a student, immediately chowed down on the pizza. (I guess he liked it.) Michelle got him to put down the pizza long enough to try the sweet potato fries. He liked them too but went back to the pizza.

Dr Oz asked JT if he had a question and he wanted to know if the First Lady got scared sleeping at night in the white house alone? She answered that she was surprisingly at home in the white house. Besides, they were never alone so she felt safe there. (Didn’t you love how he continued to eat the pizza while she answered?)


Dr Oz: Whole Grain Pasta Kids Lunch

Before Meal: Hot dog

After Meal: Whole grain pasta with pasta sauce, kiwi and broccoli. Michelle said that the whole grain pasta was a wonderful substitute. Rachel, the final student, tried the dish and liked it, saying it was “really good.”

Does Michelle Obama Walk Around the White House in Pajamas?

Rachel asked the First Lady if she ever walked around in the white house in her pajamas, to which Michelle responded, “yes.” They had a second and third floor where they can walk around like that, however, the first floor is for the public so she had to get dressed (and put on makeup) before going down to the first floor.

What Does President Obama Eat at the White House?

One viewer wanted to know what she liked to eat with her family when she sat down for dinner at the white house. Michelle responded that the president loved to eat the traditional steak dinner with broccoli. The girls loved pasta and she enjoyed whole-wheat pizza with veggies.

Barack Obama – Parent Sports Coach or President?

Another viewer wanted to know what fun activities they did with the daughters to get them moving? Michelle answered that they turned on the radio and danced. The kids are also involved in sports and the President was the parent coach this year. They tried to support their kids in the activities that they did.



  1. TwinsWithCFMom says

    My twins have cystic fibrosis and keeping weight and bmi up on the nutritional scale is a very huge problem, matter of fact their life depends on it. Extra calories, fat, and protein is mandatory in kids with CF, or their lungs and vital organs could not maintain. Mrs. Obama, not all children need to loose weight and your simply not thinking about us who have children with life threatning diseases who have to eat at school. Matter of fact, I have to send extra calorie snacks between school lunch. Cystic Fibrosis is life threatning and cutting calories at school would put my twins in a more dangerous health condition. Have a happy medium here, help the underweight and help the overweight. Just my two cents from a starving mom who needs my children to stay as healthy as possible for their short life.

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