Hungry Girl Meal Replacement Soup Expanders – Coleslaw & Greek Yogurt


Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Meal Replacement

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien made her return to The Doctor Oz Show with lots of great ideas about how we can cut down the calories without sacrificing flavor or fun at mealtime. She shared her Portobello Mushroom Meat Expander and how her ideas can help you Lose 5 Lbs a Month. Now she has one more secret up her sleeve: meal replacement soup expanders.

Dr Oz: Lisa Lillien Meal Replacement Soup

Hungry Girl Meal Replacement Soup Expanders - Coleslaw & Greek Yogurt

Get the Hungry Girl meal replacement soup expanders from Lisa Lillien to learn how coleslaw and Greek yogurt can give you more soup for fewer calories.


Lisa Lillien swears that following her tips and advice could help almost anyone lose five pounds per month. Her latest secret weapon is something we don’t always think about when it comes to a hearty meal: soup.

Hungry Girl said that she eats soup most days, and it makes a great meal replacement for days when she knows she has a big dinner coming up or special lunch plans. The key is to use soup as a meal replacement in a way that works for you.

Dr Oz: Meal Replacement Soup Expanders

Now that Dr Oz has learned Lisa’s clever tricks for Meat & Carb Meal Expanders, it’s time to learn how we can put that same strategy to use for our soup meal replacements. Check out how you can stretch soup to make it a more satisfying entree and meal replacement.


Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Clear Soup Expander

If you’re a clear soup or broth fan, but want to get a little more satisfaction in your meal choice, try throwing in mixed cabbage and carrots, which usually come as a coleslaw mix in the supermarket.

This has fewer calories than noodles, for example, and that type of savings can really add up to healthier diets over time.

Dr Oz: Lisa Lillien Greek Yogurt Soup Expander

For those creamier soups such as Tomato Soup, you can also expand these in a creative way. Add about six ounces of Greek Yogurt to a low-sodium can of your favorite soup. With this substitution, you can eat twice as much for the same amount of calories as the soup alone.

Check out more Hungry Girl Weight Loss advice for additional tips to lose five pounds in one month.



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