Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gluten Free Diet & Deliciously G-Free Cookbook


Dr Oz: Gluten Free Diet for Celiac Disease

For some, the goals of finding more energy, losing weight, and even preventing cancer are thwarted before they even get started. If you’re not seeing results and don’t know what’s standing in your way, it could be Celiac Disease. Dr Oz invited TV’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck to discuss Celiac Disease Symptoms and Gluten-Free Foods you can try in your own diet.

But first, Dr Oz sent The View co-host to a New York City Whole Foods grocery store to see what people are buying at the supermarket (but really, if your primary grocer is Whole Foods, aren’t you more in tune with specialty groceries than most?). Hidden cameras followed shoppers Lisa, Renee, and Ali on their shopping rounds.


Dr Oz: Diet & Disease

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gluten Free Diet: Dr Oz

Dr Oz learned about The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gluten Free Diet & her Deliciously G-Free Cookbook. (lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

At age 34, Ali complains about bloating, and her shopping list included bread and pasta. Lisa is 43 and described herself as fatigued; her cart included Soy Sauce. Renee is 40 and struggles with joint pain and migraines. She had Lip Gloss among her purchases.

The reason Dr Oz and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were so interested in these women’s shopping habits is because their symptoms could be rooted in their routine purchases. Dr Oz and Elisabeth surprised the women in the store and revealed this secret. (I’m not sure I want Dr Oz–or Elisabeth for that matter–critiquing my grocery list.)


What Is Celiac Disease

Back in the studio, Dr Oz explained that Celiac Disease comes from an issue with a common protein found in rye and wheat, which are used to make a variety of food products. Elisabeth Hasselbeck said she had the symptoms for years before discovering what was really going on with her body.

Celiac Disease sufferers can’t process proteins such as Barley, Wheat, Oats and Rye. The body actually begins to attack itself when these ingredients are introduced. A shocking 99% of sufferers aren’t even aware they are suffering from this condition.

But the silver lining is that once Celiac patients understand what’s going on, they can quickly get on the path to recovery, with near instant results. Elisabeth’s symptoms included Bloating, Fatigue, and trouble conceiving children. That’s because her body was fighting itself and needed nutrients were caught in the crossfire. Elisabeth said she is now grateful to be among the 1% who know their Celiac Disease diagnosis.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Celiac Disease

Back in her days on the reality competition Survivor, Elisabeth’s diet mainly consisted of fish and rice. Though the conditions were tough, she said he started feeling better on this diet. But upon returning to her real life, she noticed that her symptoms returned. After some research and doctor visits, she arrived at her Celiac Disease diagnosis.

Dr Oz explained how Celiac Disease patients have trouble absorbing food and nutrients into the body. That means you could be starving from the inside out, even though you’re eating regularly. The gluten in some foods can cause a patient’s body to go haywire.

Dr Oz: Celiac Disease Symptoms

Here are a few symptoms you can watch for if you suspect you or a family member could be unknowingly suffering from Celiac Disease.

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Anemia
  • Weight Gain
  • Infertility
  • Osteoporosis

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gluten Free Diet & Deliciously G-Free Review

Elisabeth Hasselbeck decided she should put together some advice about what she has learned, to help others suffering from Celiac Disease. That’s how her cookbook came about. Deliciously G-Free is a gluten-free cookbook that also explains the general health benefits of a Gluten Free diet.

She said she found that not being able to eat the same foods as her family and friends made her feel antisocial. But with this cookbook, she’s found ways and recipes to make meals that everyone can enjoy together.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gluten Free Product Reviews

Did you know that there could be Gluten in some of the products you use every day, outside the kitchen? Dr Oz explored related products and offered solutions.

Renee said she has migraines and joint pain multiple times each month. Dr Oz said beauty products can contain gluten, and Renee said she had no idea this could happen. Products ranging from skin cream to mouthwash and even hairspray could be adding Gluten to your environment, without you even knowing it.

Certain companies and brands have made an effort to go Gluten Free, including:

Check the ingredient list or product website to find information about Gluten in certain products, such as lip gloss. You might have to call or email the company if information isn’t listed on the package. Ask at your favorite grocery or drugstore about Gluten Free beauty products you can use.

You could also be secretly adding Gluten to your diet in kitchen staples such as Chicken Broth, Soy Sauce, Ketchup, salad dressings, Energy Bars, and even Beer.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Gluten Free Redbridge Beer Review

There are products you can swap out to avoid Gluten exposure, even when you least expect it. Look for Gluten Free chicken broth, Annie’s Naturals Salad Dressing, and Redbridge Beer as substitutes. Elisabeth and Lisa tried the beer and didn’t taste a difference.

Remember Ali, from the shopping trip? She complained of bloating, and it could have a lot to do with the Bread and Pasta she picked up at the store. Gluten also pops up in breakfast cereal. The bottom line is, you have to read the labels to find out what’s in your food.

For Gluten Free alternatives, try eating more Quinoa, Rice Noodles, and Corn.



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