Dr Oz’s Super Immunity Diet & Eat Slow-Absorbing Foods to Lose Weight


Dr Oz: Super Immunity Diet

If you are always getting sick, this is the Dr Oz episode for you. Dr. Oz’s Super Immunity Diet could be the answer to improving your health, helping you lose weight and increasing your energy. Dr. Oz brought on Dr. Joel Fuhrman to go over the four simple food rules that will strengthen your immune system right away.

Dr Joel Fuhrman: Use Food To Fight Heart Disease

Dr Oz's Super Immunity Diet & Eat Slow-Absorbing Foods to Lose Weight

Dr. Oz and Dr. Joel Fuhrman went over his Super Immunity Diet and his four simple food rules to boost immunity, lose weight and get back your energy.


Dr. Fuhrman was back on Dr. Oz to share his Super Immunity Diet in the hopes that you won’t have to call off sick from work again. Dr. Oz explained to viewers that as we get older our bodies are exposed to more and more toxins making it harder for us to stay healthy, but Dr. Fuhrman said you can use food as medicine to cleanse your body and fight against heart disease and diabetes.

Dr Oz: Four Food Rules To Boost Your Immune System

Dr. Joel Fuhrman had four easy to follow food rules that will help you get healthy and never get sick again. He told viewers that 70 percent of your immune function lines your digestive tract and the foods he outlines are going to help you boost your immune system and fight illness.

  • Eat Phytonutrient-Rich Foods: These include foods like kale, onions, tomatoes, peppers and berries. When you eat these foods together it helps create a strong defense system to fight toxins and prevent disease. 
  • Eat Slow-Absorbing Foods: Dr. Furhman said to eat foods that digest slowly like beans, nuts and seeds. It will take the body longer to process the food without causing a spike in blood sugar levels, something processed and refined foods would do. Eating nuts and seeds will also lower your cholesterol because they pull the bad fats from your body while replacing them with good fats. 
  • Use Meat as a Condiment: Dr. Fuhrman said everyone should eat a plant-based diet. He suggested using meat as a condiment in the meal. This way you get most of your nutrients from vegetables while minimizing your consumption of animal products.
  • Chew Food Longer: The average person takes about 15 chews of their food before they swallow, but Dr. Fuhrman said people should be chewing their food more. He said by chewing your food 10 more times before swallowing, you can actually release nutrients into the body and strengthen your immune system. Dr. Oz shared that people who chew their food longer actually eat about 10 percent less food at every meal. 


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