Dr Oz’s Diet Myths: Are All Calories & Fats Created Equally?


Dr Oz: Diet Myths Debunked

If you’re a Dr Oz fan, chances are you are tuned in to your health and you are trying to maintain your weight and health. But sometimes this is a harder process than we want it to be, or than it seems like it should be.

But are those weight loss roadblocks really standing in your way? Or are they more myths that need to be debunked? Dr Oz also exposed some Outdoor Health Myths on today’s show, along with Salty Snack Swaps. Plus, he talked about Gross Body Problems & Natural Household Remedies.


Does Eating Fat Put On Fat?

We’re always scouring the supermarket shelves for low fat or fat free items. Angelique, in the show’s audience, said she believes eating fat can make you fat. But Dr Oz revealed this is a myth. At least it’s a common myth, so don’t feel bad if you thought this was true.

Our bodies need a certain amount of fat to absorb nutrients and vitamins, and to help us know when we are full. Your best choices are called Polyunsaturated Fats, which are items like Olive Oil and Canola Oil. These won’t spike your Cholesterol either, which is good news in the fight against Heart Disease. Try using these oils instead of butter when you’re cooking.

Does An Empty Stomach Burn More Fat When Working Out?

If you are on a quest for the perfect body, you probably know that working out is part of that process. Esmeralda was in the audience, and she believes that working out on an empty stomach helps you burn more fat.


Dr Oz revealed that this is yet another myth. You don’t burn more fat working out on an empty stomach. That’s because working out burns more calories than fat; the contents of your stomach shouldn’t affect your workout (but an empty stomach might make you feel less sick when you’re hitting it hard at the gym).

The biggest difference is that you’ll burn a combination of fat and muscle if you’re working out on an empty stomach. If your stomach is full, you’ll likely burn fat instead of muscle. If you’re looking for a light snack before your workout, try Yogurt or a Protein Shake about 30 minutes ahead of time.

Dr Oz: Man Vs Woman Weight Loss

Who has a harder time losing weight: men or women? Find out the surprising answer.

Dr Oz: Do Women Have A Harder Time Losing Weight?

Is it true that it’s harder for women to lose weight than men? Jennifer said she heard this, and of course it would be a great excuse for the fairer sex.

But this is another one of Dr Oz’s myths; the truth is it’s hard for everyone to lose weight. The difference is that men will lose weight faster in the beginning of a fitness regimen, due to higher muscle mass. But over time, women catch up as men plateau and everything evens out.

Dr Oz: Are All Calories Created Equally?

There was one more diet and exercise myth on Dr Oz’s list for the day. Are all calories created equally? Phylicia believes that all calories are the same, but Dr Oz said that’s not true. In fact, it’s a big myth, because different calories affect the body in different ways.

Some calories fill you up immediately as you eat them, while others will just make you more hungry. Try to find unsaturated fats, such as Avocados and Nuts, which are easier on the body. They’ll also make you feel full throughout the day.

For more debunked myths, learn about Sunburns Vs Suntans. Then check out Dr Oz’s Snack Swap Reviews, Vitamin Advice and Navel Lint Remedy.


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