Dr Oz: Yogurt Hummus Mayonnaise, Guarana Powder & EV Coco Splash


Dr Oz: Energy Boosts for Favorite Foods

If you are Fighting Fatigue & Insomnia, did you know that your diet could make a difference? According to Dr Oz, you don’t even have to change what you’re eating. You can simply make small additions to your favorites that will naturally add more energy to your daily routine. How easy is that? Here are the tweaks, Dr Oz suggested for every meal of the day.

Dr Oz: Guarana Powder for Cereal

In the audience, Wendy said she is bored with her morning rut of breakfast cereal. She wants to shake up her breakfast habit and find a way to get more energy to kick off her day.


Dr Oz: Hummus Mayo

Learn how you can create your own Yogurt Hummus Mayo substitute for richer flavor with fewer calories.

Dr Oz said she can try adding Guarana Powder to her morning meal. You can just sprinkle this into your cereal or oatmeal, and it should have an effect similar to that of caffeine. Alternately, you can add it to your morning smoothie.

But check the ingredients, because Guarana Powder could already be in your morning favorites without your knowing it. It’s popular with food manufacturers.


Dr Oz: Yogurt Hummus Mayo at Lunch

Becky was also in the audience, and her meal routine rut is at lunchtime. She always has a sandwich, because it’s cheap and simple. But she’s bored with this.

For Becky, Doctor Oz suggested making Yogurt Hummus Mayo. Just combine equal parts Yogurt and Hummus, and use this spread on your sandwich in place of Mayonnaise. This will add a burst of flavor to your lunch, while cutting down on excess calories.

Dr Oz: Cashew Crumble Recipe

Another woman, Melanie, said she enjoys snacking on fruit. She’s gotten her whole family into to, and she notices that her children seem to get a lot of energy from eating it, but she doesn’t see the same effects. She wanted to know how to get more out of her fruit.

Dr Oz said you can jazz up your fruit by creating a Cashew Crumble. Just grind up Cashews using a coffee grinder. Then dip your fruit into the crushed Cashews to add more flavor, texture, and protein to your afternoon snack routine.

Dr Oz: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Splash (EV Coco Splash)

Finally, Dr Oz met Cindy, who said she ate a lot of Chicken growing up. As an adult, she prefers Fish as a protein, but she’s looking for a new way to prepare her meals.

Dr Oz said you can use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (who knew there was such a thing?) as a healthier alternative to butter. (It’s hard to be an unhealthy alternative to butter.) He said you can add the Coco Splash to your pan before cooking your meat or other protein.

This ingredient addition can fire up your metabolism, giving you more energy while helping you lose weight. That’s a great secret ingredient to keep on hand in your kitchen.


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