Dr Oz: White Mulberry Health Benefits & Mulberry Leaves Block Sugar


Dr Oz: The White Mulberry

When Dr. Oz goes hunting for his new favorite health products, he usually finds some pretty good stuff! Today was no exception, when Dr. Oz introduced the world to his new favorite food: the white mulberry.

These tiny berries from Asia are inexpensive, contain sugar-blocking properties, and fight high cholesterol and heart disease. Want to know more? Read on!


Dr Oz revealed the many health benefits of his new favorite super food, the white mulberry.

Dr Oz revealed the many health benefits of his new favorite super food, the white mulberry.

Dr Oz: White Mulberry Leaves Block Sugar

Dr. Oz enlisted the help of an audience member to describe the taste of white mulberries. She said they reminded her of “nutty raisins.” But while dried white mulberries themselves are high in antioxidants, it’s their leaves that are truly extraordinary.

Remember the nursery rhyme that went, “All around the mulberry bush/the monkey chased the weasel…?” Well, Dr. Oz wants you to remember this rhyme when you’re shopping at the grocery store! He had his audience member dress up as a weasel (brave woman) to demonstrate how the mulberry leaf helps the body process sugar much differently.


Usually, when sugary foods enter your body, the sugar gets absorbed into the liver and turned to fat. This fat clogs the bloodstream, and can lead to serious health problems like diabetes. However, when you ingest mulberry leaf, the sugar never enters your bloodstream. Instead, it blocks the sugar’s path and re-routes it into your waste.

Dr Oz: White Mulberry Benefits

Dr Oz believes that dried white mulberry puts other dried fruit to shame. They are extremely high in protein (4 grams per berry), high in fiber (fulfilling almost 1/4 of your daily requirement), and low in sugar (only about 18 grams).

White Mulberries can be found in health food stores for about $5 a bag, which is a reasonable deal when you consider the price of your doctor’s co-pay! Plus, look for mulberry leaf tea, which should be brewed and taken with meals. That costs about $6, and is often labelled “sugar-controller tea” or “mixed leaf tea.”


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