Dr Oz: White Meat vs Dark Meat & Why Don’t Chicken Have Teeth?


Dr Oz: Should You Eat White Meat Or Dark Meat Chicken?

After exploring the changes made at Perdue Chicken Company, Dr Oz and food journalist Mark Schatzker continued their discussion about America’s favorite white meat. But when it comes to chicken, which is better: white meat or dark meat? If you’re dieting, there’s a good chance you’ve been opting for white meat, since the food industry markets white meat as healthier.

Dr Oz: The Great Chicken Debate

According to Mark, back in the 1950’s Americans didn’t eat a lot of chicken. When they went to the butcher shop, they would buy a whole chicken and cook it like a Sunday roast. Then in the 60’s Americans began eating more chicken and began asking butchers to cut the chickens into pieces. But back then, chickens walked around a lot more and were older, which meant that the dark meat from the legs was tougher. But now chickens are younger and don’t walk around as much, so dark meat is a lot more tender.



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