Dr Oz: Wheat Germ Popcorn Seasoning & Chia Seeds in Pancakes?


Dr Oz: Super Seeds You Should Be Eating

You know Dr Oz loves his superfoods, but this time he had some snack recommendations for super seeds. These pack a lot of nutrition in a small package. See how you can make Wheat Germ Popcorn Seasoning and Chia Seeds in pancakes.

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seeds Serotonin Content

Pumpkin Seeds boost Serotonin, which makes you feel good, and it relaxes the brain. You can also mix them in yogurt or granola. Try them as a topping or eat them alone as a snack. Dr Oz said sunflower seed lovers would enjoy them.


Dr Oz: Wheat Germ Popcorn Seasoning

The next super seed on his list was Wheat Germ. He uses it as a popcorn seasoning, and it is high in fiber which is good for your digestive system. Try a little olive oil or butter with wheat germ on your popcorn for a tangy, healthy treat.

Dr Oz: Wheat Germ Popcorn Seasoning & Chia Seeds in Pancakes?

Make seeds a part of your everyday diet with food ideas like Wheat Germ Popcorn Seasoning, Chia Seeds in pancakes, and more ideas mentioned on Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: How To Remove Pomegranate Seeds

Not everyone knows how to remove the seeds from a Pomegranate. The trick is to cut it in half and break it underwater, working the seeds out from the flesh.


You can enjoy dried pomegranates as a seasoning or topping on salad. They are crunchy and juicy, and just 1/2 cup has 15% of your daily Vitamin C dose, which balances out your stress hormones and prevents fat storage.

Dr Oz: Sesame Seeds as Breading

Sesame Seeds are rich in Omega-3s, for cholesterol management. Try to use them as a salmon breading.

Dr Oz: Chia Seeds in Pancakes?

Chia Seeds are full of soluble fiber to reduce cholesterol, and Dr Oz said you can sprinkle them into pancakes. (These are the same seeds found in Chia Pets.) You can put them in water and drink them as well. Look for raw or whole chia seeds when you go shopping.

Dr Oz: Two Truths and a Lie

Dr Oz played Two Truths and a Lie with his audience, and here is what we learned.

  • Cooking carrots increases the nutrient beta carotene.
  • Omega-3 in flaxseed is different than the Omega-3 in fish.
  • Lie: You get energy from B vitamins in energy drinks.

How about these topics?

  • Eating at night makes you gain weight.
  • Eggs don’t raise your cholesterol.
  • Lie: Blueberries have more antioxidants than any food.

Then Dr Oz put himself in the spotlight.

  • Dr Oz did heart surgery training in France.
  • Lie: Dr Oz works out 45 minutes most days.
  • Daphne is from Dr Oz’s first wife. (Trick question: Dr Oz has only been married once!)


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