Dr Oz: Wheat Attack Symptoms & Wheat Belly Diet Unlimited Foods


Dr Oz: Wheat Belly Attack

Could wheat, rather than sugar or fat, be the reason you have a belly you can’t seem to get rid of? Dr William Davis thinks so, and the author of Wheat Belly visited Dr Oz to explain how it can improve the health of your belly, brain, and heart. Is your body experiencing a Wheat Attack?

Wheat is a vital part of the average American diet, but Dr Davis said that no wheat is actually good for your body. He said that is because Wheat has been transformed into Frankenwheat. His latest addendum is the Wheat Belly 30-Minute (Or Less!) Cookbook.


Dr Oz: Frankenwheat Belly Fat

Dr Oz: Wheat Attack Symptoms & Wheat Belly Diet Unlimited Foods

Are you having a Wheat Attack? Learn the symptoms your body could experience from eating wheat in your diet, according to Dr William Davis on Dr Oz’s show.

One viewer said that wheat makes her uncomfortable and bloated. She is convinced that she should eliminate wheat, but it is a struggle to avoid this in everyday life, because it is everywhere. She compared it to addictive behaviors such as smoking.

Dr Oz explained that back in the 1950s, wheat grew taller and had more nutritional benefits. In those days, it was a source of fiber that was good for heart health. But in modern times, wheat grows much shorter, because it has been bred to be more plentiful. It is a high glycemic food and contains different glutens than it used to.


Doctor Oz said that some sugary candy bars have a lower glycemic index than wheat. What are the consequences of these changes? Wheat can cause the belly to protrude and overwhelm the body.

Dr Oz: Wheat Attack Symptoms

It may be hard to cut out wheat, but Dr Oz thought that it was worth people knowing this is an option. Though wheat is in 20% of the foods we eat, Dr William Davis said that he thinks everyone should avoid wheat, because of its effects on the body, including mood and emotional health.

A Wheat Attack can stimulate appetite, lead to inflammation, raise blood sugar, and inflame the intestinal tract. The intestinal tract is supposed to help nutrients flow into the body, but it is believed that newer formulations of wheat could be damaging this process.

Dr Oz: Reversing Wheat Symptoms

Dr Davis said that autoimmune disease is growing. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Lupus are all diseases that Dr Davis is worried could be a result of these changes. Then there is Acid Reflux or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which could clear up within days if you eliminate wheat.

“I think it’s worth a five-day experiment just to see if you’re right,” Dr Oz said. If you have problems like this, Dr Oz suggested giving up wheat for less than a week to see if it makes your symptoms better. It can also clear up skin and reverse rashes or other irritation.

Dr Oz: Wheat Belly Diet Foods

Dr Davis told Dr Oz that it could be easier than it sounds to give up wheat. His plan does not involve counting calories either! What can you eat on his diet?

  • Unlimited Colorful Vegetables
  • Unlimited Nuts
  • Low-Sugar Condiments
  • Animal Proteins/Fat

You can also have one to two servings per day of foods containing sugar:

  • Fruit
  • Dairy
  • Beans
  • Rice


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