Dr Oz: Unhealthy Snacking Habits Caught On Camera


Dr Oz: Constant Trips To Vending Machine

Dr Oz shared that there was one woman who loves to snack and her coworkers say she can’t stay away from the office vending machine. They set up a “sting” to see if they could catch her on camera and then Dr Oz shared what happened when Nicole’s co-workers shared what was on the tape.

Videos caught her getting soda and chips from the machines, and even doing a happy dance after snacking on the unhealthy treats. She was also pulling some candy from the sweets bowl, and her co-workers shared that they caught her.


Dr Oz: Unhealthy Habits Caught On Camera

Dr Oz: Unhealthy Snacking Habits Caught On Camera

Dr Oz confronted two different women who’s unhealthy snacking habits were caught on camera by those who want to help them get healthier. (perolofforsberg / flickr)

Nicole was on the show and she shared that she was plotting revenge. Her co-workers were sitting next to her and joked that they could hear her every time she went to the vending machines because she wears bracelets that make a bunch of noise.

Nicole actually got a little revenge on them at one point and Nicole said, “Yeah, where is the video camera now?” They said Nicole had actually taken one of their chairs and even one of their phone receivers!


Nicole said she would go to the vending machine when she needed a little pick-me-up, and it would give her a little jolt for the rest of the afternoon.

Dr Oz: Husband Reveals Wife’s Snack Habits

Dr Oz then revealed that Nicole wasn’t the only victim, and there was actually a man in his audience who set up a sting on his wife. That woman was in the audience as well, and she had no idea what was about to happen! In the video, the man shares that his wife will snack constantly, and even munch on the kids’ snacks for school.

He set up cameras to show that his wife had cookies and candy before she went to bed, and had the wrappers laying on the bedside table. There was even one night where the man caught his wife eating popcorn while watching TV at 3:30 a.m. “We caught her red-handed,” the man said.

Dr Oz: Unhealthy Mindless Snacking

The woman’s name was Erin and she said she had no idea. She said her brother is getting married so she wants to be healthy for the wedding. But at night she has no will power and “sleep eats.” She shared that she’ll eat great all day, but then cravings hit and she mindlessly snacks.

Her husband explained that they’ve been together for 19 years and married for 16 years, and she’s always been “the midnight pantry bandit.” He said the kids are getting older now and Erin likes to “not take the blame for some of the things missing.”

Dr Oz said he had a plan for all those who struggle with mindless snacking, no matter what time of day. Hopefully Eric and Nicole can get the help they need!


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