Dr Oz: Total Choice Meal Ideas + Snack & Dessert Options


Dr Oz: Total Choice Weight Loss Plan

Dr Oz was explaining his new Total Choice diet plan and welcomed a view named Kristin to explain how a typical day will look as you follow the plan. Kristin started with breakfast and explained that the nice thing about this plan is that they have something for every craving. You could have a cheesy egg sandwich, chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie, turkey bacon oats, a spinach egg wrap, or much more. There are plenty of recipes to allow you to mix things up.

Dr Oz: Total Choice Meal Ideas + Snack & Dessert Options

Dr Oz shared the meal options for those following his Total Choice plan, explaining that you can even enjoy a daily snack and dessert! (lola1960 / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz then talked to Carrie who has been on Total Choice for a little bit and said she lost two and a half pounds within the first three days. She said even her son enjoyed the foods. You can find the recipes on Dr Oz’s website.

Dr Oz: Total Choice Meal Ideas

Carrie then explained that they chose the meals because they wanted something that would be portable, quick, and easy, while still being delicious. For lunch you can enjoy a toaster oven grilled cheese with tomato, a grilled chicken pita pocket sandwich, or a chia black bean soup. The meals help you feel full and satisfied, and are also incredibly nutritious.

When it comes to the dinners, Kristen said she was thinking of her patients who said they come home from a hard day’s work and want comfort foods, which usually aren’t good for them. She said she wanted comfort foods that would taste good, but were also healthy and would help people with their weight loss as well.


For dinner you can have a turkey vegetable pizza, a broccoli mac and cheese, or chicken parmesan. For a better idea of what meals you should choose based on whether you’re eating 1200 calories or 1600 calories, check out the specific plans for each one.

Dr Oz: Total Choice Foods + Flavoring Vegetables

Dr Oz said he’s excited about this plan because too many times nutritionists will create healthy meals, but they taste like cardboard. That’s why he paired the nutritionists up with food addicts, experts, and chefs to create a plan that involves healthy foods that also taste delicious.

Dr Oz said you can go on to his website and print off the grocery list you need so that you can buy all the foods you need to make these meals. Dr Oz also pointed out that a lot of the meals include non-starchy vegetables, and Kristin said one way to add flavor to those vegetables is with flavored balsamic vinegars.

Dr Oz: Success With Total Choice

Dr Oz then welcomed Katiana who has followed the program and lost two pounds so far. Katiana said she’s 100% Italian and carbs are her thing. She said she hasn’t eaten the things on this plan in years and she’s incredibly grateful. Her favorite meal was the peanut butter banana smoothie.

Dr Oz: Daily Snack & Dessert Options

Dr Oz then moved over to talk to Dr Roizen about how snacks and desserts fit into the plan. Dr Roizen explained that you actually get any choice of snacks and desserts that are on the plan and they all taste great. You can have one snack and one dessert every day, which obviously makes a lot of people very happy!

Some great snack choices include turkey roll-ups, edamame, popcorn, and cheese and crackers. Some delicious desserts include almonds with some dark chocolate, a popsicle, or fruit such as blueberries with yogurt.

Dr Oz: Total Choice Daily Eating Plan

Dr Oz then heard from Shondra, a full-time working mom who has lost 3.8 pounds on the Total Choice plan. She said she loved the plan because she got to start her day with chocolate and end it with it chocolate. She has a chocolate flavored smoothie for breakfast, and then for lunch, rather than eating a whole wheat wrap, took a cucumber, spooned out the seeds, and then filled it like a sandwich.

Another great tip she had was to take some of the chocolate she was allowed for dessert, blended it up, and then poured it over her popcorn for a sweet late night snack.


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