Dr Oz: Top Health Foods + Broccoli Sprouts & Bean Pasta


Dr Oz: Amaranth For Heart Health

Since Dr Oz loves to share foods that are both good for you and taste great, he wanted to share what five new health foods are good for you and well worth your time and money. He started with number five, which was a top food for your heart: amaranth. Amaranth is a whole grain that will help with your cholesterol and there are all kinds of recipes using amaranth on Pinterest. One audience member is a food blogger who loves to create new recipes and she made a protein cookie using the health food.

Dr Oz: Broccoli Sprouts Lower Cancer Risk

Dr Oz: Top Health Foods + Broccoli Sprouts & Bean Pasta

Dr Oz shared what five new health foods he thinks are worth both your time and money. Have you heard about Umeboshi Paste? (miheco / flickr)


Number four was a food that may help lower your risk of cancer: broccoli sprouts. Broccoli sprouts have 20 times more of the cancer-fighting compound than plain old broccoli and you can add them to your salads, soups, or sandwiches. They usually cost around $2.50 a pound. Dr Oz claims they even taste good raw.

I am a huge fan of sprouts so perhaps I’ll use this as an excuse to run to the store and get some to throw on my sandwiches! Will you try them with me?

Dr Oz: Bean Pasta For Weight Loss

The number three health food Dr Oz shared was bean pastas, which he says are good for weight loss. There’s black bean pasta, chickpea pasta, mung bean pasta, and many more. They’re non-wheat noodles that are higher in fiber and protein, and lower in glycemic index, which means you get fuller faster.


There was a woman in the audience who actually lost 52 pounds by switching to bean pastas. She said she and her husband wanted to lose weight for their wedding and they loved the pasta.

Dr Oz: Umeboshi Paste

To help with your gut, Dr Oz’s second health food was umeboshi paste, which is made from pickled umeboshi plums. It’s a great source of probiotics and a lot of people find it to be beneficial for bad breath. Dr Oz liked the idea of trying the umeboshi paste with vegetables, like on a slice of cucumber.

Dr Oz: Coconut Chips For Energy

To boost your energy, Dr Oz’s number one new health food was coconut chips. Dr Oz said he thinks they’re best tasting of all, and they burn very efficiently, rather than store as fat. Dr Oz said he likes them straight out of the bag, and shared some with his audience.


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