Dr Oz: The Truth About Milk + Whole Vs Skim & Designer Milk


Dr Oz: Vic Dibitetto Bread & Milk

Dr Oz shared a video that has gotten over 13 million views, and Dr Oz saw it after it popped up on his Facebook page. It was “Bread and Milk” by Vic Dibitetto. Dr Oz shared that no matter what the weather is, milk labels can sometimes be very confusing, which is why he wanted to explain what milk labels mean. He welcomed Vic to his show, who was incredibly excited to be there.

Dr Oz: What Is Enhanced Skim Milk?

Dr Oz: The Truth About Milk + Whole Vs Skim & Designer Milk

Dr Oz and comedian Vic Dibitetto took a closer look at various types of milk and which ones are best for you. (calliope / flickr)


Dr Oz also welcomed Monica Reinagel who explained that when it comes to skim milk, boxes or bottles of “enhanced skim milk” show that the milk has extra protein and extra calcium. They do that by adding dried milk powder to it. Dr Oz tried the enhanced milk and said it was much fuller. Monica said people have been leaning toward the enhanced skim milk because it tastes less watery and is still low-fat.

Dr Oz: Why Drink Whole Milk

Monica claims that whole milk is misunderstood for a lot of reasons. Monica said people are afraid of whole milk because they think it’s high in fat. Whole milk doesn’t have any fat taken out of it, but it’s still almost 97% fat free. She said one whole quart of whole milk has just six teaspoons of butter fat, 2% reduced fat milk has just 4 teaspoons, and skim milk has “just a smidge.”

It’s important to remember, however, that the more fat you take out, the more milk sugar you’re left with. Dr Oz recommended that we all drink whole milk.


Dr Oz: What Is Designer Milk?

Dr Oz then wanted to take a closer look at designer milk to which Vic said, “What the hell is designer milk? Is Gucci going to make milk next?” There’s actually milk that Coca-Cola makes called FairLife.

Monica said the company starts with fresh milk and uses a special filtration process to dial down some of the nutrients that we might want to limit, like milk sugars, and dial up some of the things we want more of, like calcium and protein.

Vic gave the designer milk a taste and said, “How long has this milk been in here? This isn’t milk, this is cottage cheese.” Monica said it’s raising a lot of eyebrows but it’s probably a lot better than some of what they’ve been selling us over the years. She said they’re adding costs so you’re going to pay more. The argument is that milk doesn’t really need to be improved.


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