Dr Oz: The Top Four Food Allergens & How to Find Hidden Food Allergies


Dr. Oz: Top Four Food Allergens

After Dr. Oz saw nearly 70 percent of his audience may have a food allergy and he knew he needed to share the top four food allergens in America. The top four food allergens are corn, wheat, dairy and nuts.

Dr. Oz: How to Replace Foods

Dr Oz: The Top Four Food Allergens & How to Find Hidden Food Allergies

Dr. Oz goes over the top four food allergens in America and discusses how to cut them from our diets and what foods to replace them with.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck said the easiest way to find out exactly what is making you sick is through trails and eliminations of different food groups. She said the number one mistake she made, like many other women, is trying to stop eating everything. But this can be bad because cutting out foods you need for long periods of time can hurt your health. Elimination of individual foods is the best way to find your food allergy.

Dr Oz: Corn Allergy Diet Test

Start with corn. Take everything corn out of your diet for an entire week. Dr. Oz said to make sure every product you eat does not have corn, meaning checking the labels is a must. Corn can be found in obvious products such as salsa and in not so obvious products such as salad dressing.

If the symptoms, like bloating, fatigue and exhaustion continue, you are probably not allergic to corn.


Dr Oz: Wheat Allergy Diet Test

Next, try to cut out everything with wheat. From bagels to breads to anything wheat related, even whole wheat. Hasselbeck said the hardest part of the diet is not cutting the food out but finding good food to replace it with. She said buckwheat would be a great product to replace the wheat in your diet. If symptoms continue after a week, move on to the next group.

Hasselbeck said to do this for all four food allergens.

Dr. Oz: Celiac Disease & Gluten Free Diet

Hasselbeck said after just a few weeks of cutting gluten out of her diet, she saw some symptoms disappear. After six weeks without gluten, she said she felt great again. She said cutting out the food that is hurting you can be done in a month and the changes in your life will be huge.

Dr. Oz said if your symptoms still persist after trying to cut out the foods mentions above, you need to see a specialist. There are tons of other foods you could be allergic too and only a specialist will be able to help you.


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