Dr Oz The Brain Diet to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: Elderberry Jam


Brain Diet Prevents Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease is a devastating and life-altering diagnosis that can affect entire families. Dr Oz invited Dr Majid Fotuhi to share a 6 Step Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Plan, as well as The Brain Diet and how foods such as Elderberry Jam, Beets, Pecans, Vegetable Juice and Chicken Giblets can help you fuel the brain.

In the audience, Tanisha said her memory isn’t very good, and she feels like she’s always forgetting little things during her daily routine. She has a family history of Dementia and wants to know how this might affect her. Dr Fotuhi said that Obesity can be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease, and he stressed the importance of healthy diet choices & Portion Control.


Dr Oz: Brain Diet & Elderberry Jam

The Dr Oz Brain Diet to fight Alzheimer's Disease includes Elderberry Jam, Pecans, Clams & more brain superfoods.

Dr Oz Brain Diet: Elderberry Jam

Elderberry Jam is one of the Brain Superfoods you should try adding to your diet. Elderberry is a brain booster, and it is also rich in Cancer Fighting Antioxidants. Spread some Elderberry Jam on your morning toast, or enjoy another form of this potent berry.

Dr Oz Brain Diet: Pecans

Pecans make a great pie or a perfect snack, but they’re also good for your brain. Add a small serving to your diet and you’ll get the health benefits of Choline, which include a memory boost.


Dr Oz Brain Diet: Chicken Giblets Prevent Alzheimer’s

It may not sound the most appetizing, but organ meat is effective in fighting Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr Oz ate giblets growing up. Now he knows that they’re full of Vitamin B12, an essential component for brain health.

Giblets include the heart and liver, and you can even simmer them into a stew if you don’t want them on their own.

Dr Oz Brain Diet: Clams

Clams are also a great Vitamin B12 source. Plus, they’re full of Zinc and Iron, which are also important for brain health and functioning. If none of these foods sound appealing, you can also get your B12 via a shot or injection.

Dr Oz Brain Diet: Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Juice is often fortified with vitamins and antioxidants that will keep your body running smoothly. Dr Oz claimed that there are vitamins found in Vegetable Juice that we haven’t even discovered or named yet. Try getting at least one eight-ounce juice serving into your daily diet.

Dr Oz Brain Diet: Beets

Beets can be another food that turns people off, but they can be delicious if they’re properly prepared. They’re loaded with Nitrates for increased blood flow, which is especially important since ⅓ of your brain is nothing but Blood Vessels. Juice or simmer your Beets for the best tasting, healthiest result.



  1. Judy Jewell says

    The picture of the elderberry is nothing like any I have seen. They are small little berries that have a single seed. It looks like a blackberry in picture.

  2. says

    Hi Judy,

    I think you’re right. Those are blackberries in the picture. Great catch! I’m glad you know what to look for when shopping for Elderberries, and I hope your description can help other readers pick them out as well.

  3. says

    Guess that’s why they’re call Elder berries I need to get some. Is anyone else annoyed it’s hard to find the whole Dr. Oz program in total??

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