Dr Oz: Tart Dried Cherries, Bulgar Wheat, Brewer’s Yeast & Chestnuts


Dr Oz: Must Have Healthy Foods

Dr Oz said that one of the most common questions he gets over the years is what he does personally to stay healthy. What products and items does he keep in his home and kitchen? He opened up to reveal his health secrets and diet favorites, so you can try them too.

Dr Oz’s Favorite Snacks

Dr Oz Chestnuts & Bulgar Wheat

What healthy snacks and ingredients are lurking in Dr Oz's pantry? He shared favorite snacks, such as radishes and chestnuts.

He revealed that he loves to spend time in the kitchen with his family, and one of his favorite snacks is Radishes, which are high in Fiber, B vitamins, and Antioxidants.


He uses Olive Oil and spices when cooking. That’s because Olive Oil has healthy fats and is a great alternative to other cooking oils and sprays. His favorite spice is Rosemary, which can add that savory flavor to a dish.

Dr Oz loves to use his blender for making healthy shakes, with everyday ingredients like Milk, Fruit, and Yogurt. He makes sure to get his whole family in on healthy eating.

Dr Oz’s Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan

Dr Oz revealed that his secret weakness is ice cream. He said his favorite flavor is Butter Pecan. That is not the flavor I would have guessed, but I’m impressed that it’s something you don’t have to buy at a health food store.


Dr Oz: Dried Cherries

Lastly, Dr Oz took us inside his pantry to reveal his five must have items he thinks we should all keep on hand. He suggested eating a handful of Dried Cherries each day as a snack. They’re low in fat and they have antioxidants, another Oz favorite.

Plus, they contain Melatonin, so they can be a natural sleep aid. He said you get used to the tart taste after awhile.

Dr Oz: Red Onions

Dr Oz loves to add onions in his home cooked dishes, and Red Onions are the healthiest choice. He said you should stop after peeling off the paper layer of the onion. That way you’ll get the most health benefits, because the next outer layer is helpful in lowering your risk of Heart Disease.

Onions are also full of Flavonoids, and those are more highly concentrated on the outer layers of the onion. Keep your onions in a cool, dry place, such as the back of your pantry.

Dr Oz: Bulgur Wheat

Bulgur Wheat is something I’ve only heard of through Dr Oz. But he said it’s high in fiber, to help aid in digestion. He said you can swap it for rice as a side dish a few times each week. Its high fiber will help you fill up faster and stay full longer.

Dr Oz: Brewer’s Yeast

You can add Brewer’s Yeast to your popcorn for extra flavor. It lowers your risk of Heart Disease, which is another reason it’s a staple in the Oz household.

Dr Oz: Chestnuts

Though we associate Chestnuts with the open fires of the holidays, you can reap their healthy benefits year round. You can buy them already roasted at the store. Dr Oz recommended eating 3 ounces every day, to get your Fiber and Vitamin C. They are also easy to enjoy on the go.


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