Dr Oz Supermarket Tricks: Do Not Grocery Shop on Monday, Go Wednesday!


Dr. Oz: Frances Largeman-Roth

Dr. Oz brought Frances Largeman-Roth, best selling author and nationally recognized health expert, stopped by the set to talk about the supermarket tricks that are costing you more money than you wanted to spend, plus it might be putting more pounds around your waist.

 Dr. Oz: How Supermarkets Make You Spend More

Roth explained that supermarkets are a business and they want to make money. The best way to make money is to make people stay inside the store as long as possible. Roth explained the supermarket does this by installing in store bakeries and cafes, while playing very soft, elevator style music. This causes some people to stay longer and spend up to $50 more than they intended to spend.


Dr. Oz: Best & Worst Grocery Shopping Days

Dr Oz Supermarket Tricks: Do Not Grocery Shop on Monday, Go Wednesday!

Dr. Oz invited Frances Largeman-Roth on to the show to discuss the ways supermarkets make you spend more, put on weight and stay in the store longer.

Roth explained the best time to go shopping is on Wednesday because the new shipping will arrive sometime on Tuesday and all the new products will be on the shelves on Wednesday. Roth also said the worst day to go shopping is on Monday. She explained this is the worst day because after the weekend the store has been ravished by its busiest days and everything left over from the week is still there on Monday.

Weekends can be an alright time to shop, said Roth, but it will be busy, meaning you are inside longer, with the potential to spend more money.


Supermarket Tricks: Mangers Specials and Samples Scams

Stay away from the managers special, said Roth. These are products that are likely close to their expiration date and need to be sold fast.

Dr. Oz pointed out it would also be a good idea to stay away from the samples because they can make you fat.

He had three samples on the show. One was a piece of chicken with 270 calories. Another was a spring roll with 160 calories. And the last was cheese on some bread, which had 160 calories. If you ate all these while shopping, you will have consumed 590 calories. And if you bought the itmes, like the store wants you too, you would have spent more than $40.

Did you know samples were so bad for you? I had no idea.


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