Dr Oz Superbugs Found in Grocery Store Meat & Antibiotic Injected Meat


Dr Oz: Health Dangers of Red Meat

Dr. Oz already discussed how eating too much calcium could cause some serious health problems and he also looked a study suggesting red meat is not all that bad for us, but rather the L-carnitine in the red meat is what is causing health problems.

Keep reading to learn more about dangers of having a mostly meat diet.


Have a Healthy Digestive System While Eating Red Meat

A lot of people are not going to want to cut red meat out their diets, so Dr. Oz and Ashley Koff came up with some solutions to help the digestive system take care of the L-carnitine as effectively as possible while preventing certain bacteria from growing.

Dr Oz Superbugs Found in Grocery Store Meat & Antibiotic Injected Meat

Dr. Oz gave his tips and tricks for avoiding the superbug covered meat at the grocery store and looked at how plate art is helping moms.

  • Build an alkaline environment by eating acidic foods like lemons and limes.
  • Eat plant proteins.
  • Take a probiotic after eating.

Grocery Store Meat Injected with Antibiotics

Dr. Oz said there is new evidence that we could be feeding antibiotic resistant superbugs to our families every time we feed them meat.


Heather White of the Environmental Working Group said if you buy meat from the grocery store, you are most likely exposing your family to superbugs. Dr. Urvashi Rangan said we have basically done this to ourselves because much of the meat we buy is injected with antibiotics as a way to keep them healthy and promote growth.

Basically, this means if you eat meat, you are getting antibiotics. So when you get sick and the doctor gives you some antibiotics to take care of the illness, the antibiotics may not work because your body has built up a resistance to the antibiotics.

Below is a list of the amount of meat that is contaminated with superbugs.

  • 81% of Ground Turkey
  • 68% of Pork Chops
  • 55% of Ground Beef
  • 39% of Chicken Breasts, Wings, or Thighs

How to Avoid Superbugs in Meat

  • Buy meat raised without the use of antibiotics.
  • Buy meat that is USDA Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved or Certified Humane.
  • Use proper food handling practices when preparing meal.

Healthy Plate Art Tricks Kids Into Eating Healthy

If you are having trouble getting your children to eat healthy foods, you might want to check out the new internet trend called healthy plate art. Dr. Oz looked at some of the plate art during his show and it did actually make the food look more appetizing.


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