Dr Oz: Super Grain Teff High in Calcium & Kamut Grain Boosts Energy


Dr Oz: Quinoa Super Grain

A lot of people listened when Dr. Oz told them about the benefits of grains, especially quinoa, but there are several other grains you may not have ever heard of that are great for your health. Just by adding these to your diet you are going to start feeling healthier fast.

Dr Oz: Super Grain Teff Health Benefits

Nutritionist Heidi Skolnik said super grains are eaten all over the world but oftentimes many Americans will substitute grains for wheat and do not explore the possibilities of other options. She continued by explaining that super grains are usually carbohydrates packed with nutrients like higher protein and essential vitamins and minerals.


One super grain she wanted to discuss was called teff. Teff is a tiny grain that tastes similar to flaxseed with a touch of sweetness. Skolnik said it is a great grain to add to your diet because it will keep you full longer, it is loaded with calcium and you cook it just like rice. She said all these qualities make it a better alternative to what she called “carbage.” She explained that carbage is carbohydrate garbage, like potato chips, that doesn’t do anything beneficial for our health.

Dr Oz: Millet Super Grain Filled With B Vitamins

Dr Oz: Super Grain Teff High in Calcium & Kamut Grain Boosts Energy

Dr. Oz went over the effects of different super grains, like teff which is packed full of calcium and millet which is filled with B vitamins.

The next super grain is a wonderful choice because it is versatile and good for you. Dr. Oz said he personally loves millet, a grain similar to grits in texture. Skolnik said millet is high in magnesium and B vitamins and is often fed to birds all around the United States. But it seems more and more people in America have been turning to millet as a source of food for themselves rather than birds.


Dr. Oz had a few recommendations when buying millet:

  • Buy millet hulled not pearled.
  • Store in tightly sealed jar.
  • Keep refrigerated in hot weather.

Dr Oz: Kamut Super Grain Boosts Energy Without a Crash

The next super grain is said to have been carried by Noah on his ark. The grain is called kamut and it is considered a super grain because it is like a high energy version of wheat. It actually has 40 percent more protein than regular wheat and just a half cup of kamut contains more protein than an egg with the added benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Dr. Oz wanted to see what the audience thought of kamut so he challenged three Dr. Oz fans to add the super grain to their diet and they all said they loved the taste of it and they could feel the extra energy they got from it. They said they were most excited about the energy and not having the crash later on.

Dr Oz: Buckwheat Improves Circulation In the Body

Buckwheat is an earthy, nutty grain that really isn’t wheat at all. Buckwheat is gluten-free and helps improve your circulation and reduce bad cholesterol. For anyone with varicose veins, it will actually improve the appearance of them.

  • Pancake mix
  • Soba noodles
  • Hulled whole grain
  • Kasha – rice replacement


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